Necessary Spring Accessories

The long-awaited season of Spring is (finally) starting to arrive in Iowa City! Her Campus is here to provide a few must-have items to complete your closet:


One of my personal spring/summer favorites, they pull together every outfit, whether casual or a bit dressier. Colored lenses are trending currently, as well as big oversized lenses. When buying sunglasses, make sure they have UV protection from the sun, as well as scratch protection. If you’re looking to finally invest and upgrade to RayBans, may be think about also grabbing a cheaper pair to bring along if you don’t want anything to happen to your nice ones! Perfect for a boating expedition or anytime your sunnies could go flying!


Crossbody purses 

Probably one of the best buys for the spring, taking a purse may be a burden, but unless you can fit everything in your jean pockets, it’s a necessity. My favorite style are medium sized bags with long-straps for an easy throw on accessory. The long straps on most canvas bags are easily adjustable for your height, and where you want the bag to hit you on your body. Also trending currently are Mini backpacks, perfect for any outdoor activity or music festival. They come in both athletic and trendy styles, perfect for any outfit.


Double-layered necklaces

This accessory is essential for all outfits, literally. I got one at the beginning of the fall semester, and it has been worn by everyone in my friend group. Something about double layered just makes it look more sophisticated and flirty, and it works on many different outfits. The necklaces can have either two matching pieces or two totally different pieces that provide a low-level statement necklace without looking like you’re trying too hard.



I’ve said 'it's my favorite' about all of these accessories, but bralettes really take the top prize. While they might not be immediately labeled as an accessory, they can really turn up an outfit and bring it to the next level. Open back dresses and shirts were usually a hassle to find the right bra to go with, but bralettes have solved that issue. Because of how the lace looks, you will never have to worry about a bra strap showing again, and they’re incredibly comfortable! They're perfect when you're not feeling like wearing a real bra (when does any one actually want to?) and go with everything from tank tops to dresses. Bralettes also come in lots of different styles like the traditional bra look, razorback, halter and so many other cute designs. They not only come in lace but also different patterns and fabrics. 


Hoping to see all you Hawks rocking your spring wardrobe soon!