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My Summer Travel Diary

It’s no secret that I’m a travel buff. I love traveling, I love food and I love culture. This article is my mini summer travel diary where I get to show you guys the wonders of England, Switzerland and Bulgaria. Every year, my family and I try to visit a new country. Call it a family tradition if you will. First stop was Switzerland. As someone who has a massive sweet tooth, naturally I was planning on spending my whole bank account on Swiss chocolates. 

As we have family in Basel, we decided to stay there and spend some time with them. I had been to Basel when I was a baby, so I wasn’t exactly familiar with the place. So, being in Basel after eighteen years was an interesting experience. I met my cousins after eighteen years, which was weird but lovely at the same time. Weird, because they’re practically strangers so it was awesome getting to know them. My aunt an uncle also took me to six different chocolate shops, which was heavenly. I almost cried. 

We even visited the three country point. Standing in Switzerland, you could see France on the left side and Germany on the right. It was the most fascinating thing I’ve experienced. 

Next stop was England! I was born and raised in England, and hadn’t been back in three years, since I don’t like there anymore. It was so great to be back and meet my childhood friends. I had a great time taking my eight year old sister to all the places I had gone to, when I was her age. It was a great trip to spend with my family, especially since I live 8000 miles away from them, while at college. 

Last stop was Bulgaria. Eastern European countries are so underrated. They’re so full of history and culture, so I was in awe of Bulgaria. We stayed mainly in Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria. However, we did go to the neighboring city Plovdiv, for a day. That was the favorite part of my entire trip. Plovdiv is the oldest city in all of Europe, and it amazed me as to how beautiful everything was. It was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t believe I was standing in the oldest city in Europe! 

The food in Sophia was absolutely delicious as well. Trying local food is always top on my list, whenever I visit a new country. We visited a couple museums, ate a whole lot sushi and  brought handmade jewelry. 

So next time you want to go visit a brand new country, I’d definitely recommend any of these. Europe’s a great place to explore the culture, history and of course eat lots of food!


Ridhima Jagtap is a college newbie, a.k.a a freshman, working towards a degree in the field of journalism. You'll often find her chasing after cats and watching adorable cat videos on YouTube. If she's not doing this then she'll be singing her lungs out so that her whole floor can hear her. She hopes to blow people away with writing what she's passionate about. Books, music and a lot of animals!
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