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Every couple of months the change of seasons greets us with new sights, trends and opportunities. It’s June and we’re floating down the river in a pontoon with our best friends, then in the blink of an eye it’s October and we’re snuggled up next to the fireplace wearing fuzzy socks with hot cocoa in hand. I’ve always been one to favor stepping outside my box and spicing things up, so a couple of years ago I started letting the seasons inspire my hair.  


My favorite season calls for the most fun hair. I love short asymmetric lengths during the summer because they're so low maintenance and the less time I have to spend styling it, the better. Plus, it gives off those sassy living-my-best-life vibes perfectly. As far as color goes, I love sandy blondes and light browns. However, if you’re like me and have super dark colored hair, it can be tough to achieve those shades without getting a brassy, orange looking color. Instead, I go for sunshine inspired, fun, bold colors like purple/reddish shades. 


Fall is definitely an experimental season for me. By this time, my hair has grown to shoulder length, but the color is always changing just like those insta-worthy colorful fall trees we see everywhere. Sometimes I stick with the darker purple/red shades, sometimes I go for rich browns and sometimes I completely switch things up by throwing in some ombre or balayage.


In my world, winter is simply a dreadful mixture of snowy paths and cold winds that do not make me happy in any type of way. For my hair length, that means it’s typically the longest I ever let it grow. For color, it’s either fading back to my natural dark brown color so it can have a little break from the cruelties of dye or dyed black to match my soul for the five months we have to deal with living in what’s basically the frozen tundra.


By the time spring rolls around I’m ready for something fresh and new, like the blossoming flowers. Spring kind of resembles fall in the sense that I never know what my hair’s going to look like during this time, but I know it’ll be different. I’ve tried lighter shades to brighten up my mood after the gloomy winter. I've dyed my hair a really cool dark blue/green color (which I sadly cannot find a picture of). This year, I took a leap of faith and tried bangs, which I did not regret whatsoever. 

And of course you could add layers or semi-permanent accessories, try a perm, bleach it, shave it off and a hundred other things I have yet to try. Bottom line is, I can’t stick with one cut, color or style for too long because it just bores me. People question how someone can be able to “pull off” certain looks, but it’s really not all about the hairstyle. It’s more about being comfortable in your skin and loving who you are no matter how you look. Hair grows back... meaning it's not the end of the world if you try something new and don't totally love it. So if you’ve been thinking about changing your hair up, GO FOR IT and WORK IT like we all know you can. 

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