Mighty Earth and the 'Better than Biofuels' Campaign

Mighty Earth is a global campaign and organization that works to protect the environment and change the detrimental effects that humans are impacting the environment. While the campaign may be global, the Iowa City branch is currently working to change the biofuels that are used for energy into wind and solar power.

A biofuel by definition is a fuel derived directly from living matter, meaning plant material or animal waste for example. Cutting out these hurtful fuels, like ethanol and biodiesal, helps to maintain the city in the state that it is, rather than pushing it to diminish. The perks of sustainable energy are are almost too long to mention, but with the help of Mighty Earth and the individuals who take part in the organization, the world of sustainable energy is growing throughout Iowa City

The campaign taking place in Iowa, called ‘Real Climate Action: Better than Biofuels,’ works with community leaders in Des Moines, Iowa City and Davenport. Their goal is to draw attention to the harm that comes from biofuels as well as to promote more effective solutions that are environment friendly. Being the top biofuel-producing state in the country, Iowa has some work to do. Their work contains supporting the use of solar and wind power rather than biofuels, which have negative effects on our city, as well as the world in a whole.

How this affects you 

Being a part of the Iowa City community, or the world in general, having a care for saving the environment that we are surrounded by should not be looked at as unimportant. More directly, the Des Moines Water Works recently spent $15 million to increase the capacity of their nitrate removal equipment due to the increased levels of the toxin in the city’s sources for drinking. If this doesn’t hit close enough to home to want to make a change, I’m not sure what will.


What you can do

Donations are taken on the general website of the Mighty Earth program. The money donated to the campaign is taken by the Center for International Policy, which has the same general goals of Mighty Earth: promoting a sustainable world.

Spend time trying to cut out the use of biofuels in your daily life, along with other tactics that can help save our home, including throwing trash in a waste bin, using a reusable water bottle and carpooling when driving is necessary. The top uses for biofuels include transportation, energy generation and for heat. While Mighty Earth is mainly working to reduce the biofuels that are used for the generation of energy, that doesn’t make these other top uses any less important.

Switching to solar panels helps reduce the amount of biofuels that are used for energy generation, that’s just facts.

The planet is important and Mighty Earth is working to make it a better place for everyone and everything that thrives off of it. With the help of the communities that we are surrounded by, there are plenty of things to do. Mighty Earth has the right idea, along with the campaign organizers that are working directly in the Iowa City area.

Click below for more information on Mighty Earth.

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