Meet Future M.D. Megan DeDecker

Little did I know, that the girl I met in a residence hall lounge the first night of college would become one of my best friends. While talking to Megan on that first night, we exchanged basic details about our lives and who we are. Since then, I've been able to get to know Megan on a personal level, and I feel blessed to have her in my life. Her dedication to school and her kindness for others motivates me in my own academics and relationships with others. I have no doubt that Megan will be able to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. Right now she is my friend, but hopefully someday she can be my doctor. 

Name: Megan Dedecker

Hometown: Altoona, Iowa

Major: Human Physiology with a certificate in Global Health Studies

Involvements at the University of Iowa: SALT, Medicus, MedLife, Dance Marathon

Favorite studying spot: third floor of the library

Go-to coffee order: Caramel latte

Favorite Netflix show: Bones

Favorite clothing store: Old Navy or Scheels

Fun Fact: I live on a farm, and I have cows and pigs.

What is your dream job and why? My dream job is to be a neonatal intensive care physician because I love babies. 

What is your favorite memory so far at the University of Iowa? Being in downtown Iowa City when the Cubs won the World Series was pretty exciting. 

What are your summer plans? I plan on going home to work at Mercy and spending time with my family. 

Who is your role model? My mom is my role model because she is hard-working, caring and strong.

What made you choose the University of Iowa? I chose the University of Iowa because they have outstanding academics for students looking to go into health careers, and the people know how to have a good time. 

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? I would donate some to charities and travel to tropical places. 

What is the biggest thing you have learned so far since arriving at the University of Iowa? One thing that I have learned is that it is important to always put your school work first and be aware of what is happening around you.