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Meet the Adorable Jamie Reyes

Name: Jamie Reyes 

Year: Junior 

Major: Psychology and Economics 

Dream Job: Marketing or Public Relations for a Fashion Company or Magazine 

Involved in: Dance Marathon and Wish Makers 

Hobbies: Shopping, Traveling and Blogging

Jamie is a cute, fun girl with an eye and passion for fashion. Having started her own blog and with nearly 9,000 views a month, she is well on her way of turning her dream of working for a fashion company into a reality. Jamie’s blog candlesandchampagne, focuses on many different topics including travel, makeup and even relationship advice (so basically everything a girl is looking for). This summer she traveled to Greece, Italy and London and was able to blog about her adventures. Her favorite town to see was Mynkos, Greece. According to Jamie, “Mynkos is a town with not many attractions; a town you want to get lost in and see what you will find”. Jamie’s blog also includes her thoughts on fashion. With fall right around the corner, I wondered what some of her favorite fall trends were this season. She is a big supporter of blanket scarves, lace up booties she finds very cute, and wearing a dress with cute tights. Some other fall traditions that Jamie enjoys are tailgates, leaves changing colors, pumpkin patches and apple picking. There is always so much to love about fall!

Along with blogging, Jamie is also involved in Dance Marathon and Wish Makers. Jamie works on the public relations committee and marketing sub committee for Dance Marathon along with being the co-chair for the Halloween Hawk Walk, which proceeds go to benefit the Make-a-Wish Iowa chapter. With working with so many charitable organizations, I wondered what Jamie has taken away from her experiences. “It has made me really aware of being in someone else’s shoes. When I see what these families are having to go through, I think that no one should have to go through something like that. Seeing these families go through these hardships has been an eye opener for me”. 

For all you out there wanting to start a blog, but are not quite sure where to get started, Jamie has some tips for you! 

  • Write about what you find interesting 
  • First and foremost is you expressing yourself 
  • You should do it because it’s what you’re passionate about, not because that is what everyone else is doing 

Jamie’s goal for this year is to hit 15,000 views a month. I’m sure that with her hardwork and determination that she will accomplish this in no time at all. Go check out her blog at https://candlesandchampagne.wordpress.com for all her insights into traveling and fashion. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams; you never know what you will accomplish if you never try. 

Currently I am a sophomore at the Universtiy of Iowa majoring in Elementary Education. I love writing, especially about how wonderful our campus is! 
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