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Lowering Your Standards Won’t Make You Happy


One of my favorite quotes to live by is “Never apologize for having high standards. Those who want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.”- Anonymous.

Standards are a GREAT thing to have and live by. It is very important to hold yourself and those in your life, true to those standards. Why have a life full of disappointment when you can avoid it by just having expectations? We don’t just need to have realistic standards in life, we need to live by them. Many women lower their standards, because we don’t realize how much we’re worth. However, we are strong, caring, loving, independent women and need to realize that we deserve someone who thinks we have all of those amazing characteristics and more.

Today, the dating scene is extremely difficult. It’s more hook-ups and one-night stands and less dinner/movie date nights. Thus, making it hard for women to get what they truly deserve out of a relationship. Remember ladies; high standards only scare away men who have none. It is important to remember your self-worth and what you deserve. While lowering your standards to date someone may fill a void at first, the relationship will be short lived and full of frustration and arguments. It’s better to be single than to settle for less. 

Self-respect is everything. Before jumping into a new relationship, stop and ask yourself if you are truly getting everything you deserve. No one is perfect, but you should know that you deserve flowers and date nights, foot rubs after a hard day and someone who will truly see just how awesome you really are. But before you can have any of that, first, you need to understand that you deserve all of that and hold your future relationships to those standards. If they don’t make the cut, they aren’t worth the disappointment they’ll eventually bring. Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re worth or not worth. Only you can decide that. “To love oneself is the beginning to a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde. 

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