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Links We Love: UIowa Edition

1. NBC’s Saturday Night Live featured a segment where even the devil was offended by the recent sex abuse scandals uncovered at Penn State University. Watch the skit here! - NBC

2. Former Hawkeye Ashton Kutcher tweeted about his anger towards the firing of legendary PSU coach Joe Paterno, before he even knew why he was fired! After an outpour of anger, you probably won’t guess the picture he posted next. –NY Daily News

3. The one question not to ask in a job interview…might not be what you think! -Cosmopolitan

4. Career Advice from host of MTV’s show Hired! –Flyer News

5. Britain banned an ad with a super skinny model, calling it “socially irresponsible.” - Jezebel

6. The 10 worst pieces of “good” career advice - Forbes

7. Most students at public universities in Iowa and Nebraska take more than four years to earn their bachelor's degrees. –Omaha World Herald

8. Surviving Black Friday! –Cosmopolitan
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