Layering Ideas For Spring Weather

We’re getting close to that weird time of year when you’re not sure how to dress before you leave your apartment. It can be cold and windy in the morning, but then be 60 degrees and sunny a few hours later. The best way to go about dealing with tricky spring weather is to layer your clothing.

Here are some great ways to look cute but still be comfortable in the crazy weather, whether it’s warm or cold!

Layering Piece: Denim Jacket

Denim jackets can be seen all over campus once the weather starts hitting 40 degrees. The good thing about using a denim jacket is that, depending on the jacket you have, it may be heavier or lighter. In addition, what you wear under it can work with the weather as well. If it’s a colder day, layer a sweater or a hoodie under it. If it’s warmer out, a t-shirt or a tank top will make do as well.

Layering Piece: Cardigan

Cardigans can help add a pop of color to many different outfits. It’s easy to fall into wearing a lot of darker colors during the winter months, and a cardigan can help break up the black and gray. Cardigans can also dress up an outfit, which is always a perk if you want to look nice with very little effort.

Layering Piece: Flannel

Flannels are another very versatile piece that can be added to many different types of outfits. They can dress down a girly dress, be tied around your waist to create an interesting silhouette, and more. They come in a variety of sizes as well, so you can wear an oversized flannel for your 8:30 am Monday lecture or a more fitted one on a night out at the bars.

Layering Piece: Tights

Let’s be honest: sometimes you just want to wear a dress and look cute. But dresses and skirts can be a problem if you think your legs will be cold, and that’s where tights come in. There are so many different styles and colors of tights that it can be fun to add them to your outfits. Besides wearing them under dresses and skirts, you can also wear tights underneath a pair of ripped jeans to make them more interesting.

Layering Piece: Coat

Coats don’t always have to be the puffy parkas that you wear when walking to class in 0 degree temperatures. Adorable coats can be found in tons of stores, so it’s easy to get a few cute coats to use with different outfits and different types of weather.

Layering Piece: Vest

Vests, like denim jackets, allow for a lot of versatility in when they can be worn. If you layer a sweatshirt underneath your vest, you can wear it on a windy day to stay warm, and if you wear a long-sleeve tee with the vest, you’ll be comfortable in warmer spring weather.

Keep these fashionable layering tips in mind for the winter to spring transitioning season! 

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