Key Pieces for Fall Layering

We've finally arrived at the time of year when we no longer need to worry about melting in sweaters, but luckily, coats are not yet needed. November is the perfect month to layer your clothing to stay warm while looking fashionable before you have to bring out the parka (not so fashionable). During this season, I love to get creative with layering clothing by putting together a variety of outfits out of a few key pieces. My lovely younger sister Ellise agreed to be my model and try on some different outfit creations. Below you will see the clothing items used in the various outfits. 

(white blouse, denim shirt, flannel)

(dark gray sweater, light gray cardigan)

The first set of outfits incorporates the dark gray sweater with three different types of shirts underneath. To create a similar outfit, place a neutral colored sweater over your favorite long sleeved shirt. It is best to use a sweater that is shorter in length so that the shirt underneath can be seen at the bottom. Rolling up the sleeves of the sweater also exposes the shirt underneath at the wrists. Lastly, pull the collar of the flannel, blouse or denim shirt up over the sweater to add a nice touch at the neckline. 

The next set of outfits includes the same three long sleeved shirts, except this time the light gray cardigan is placed on top. As with the previous outfits, roll the sleeves of the cardigan up a few times to show off the long sleeved shirt near the wrists. The great thing about all of these outfits is the freedom to make them your own. Feel free to switch up the color schemes or replace the jeans for a greater variety of looks. Many of the tops also look great with an A-line button down skirt or leggings. Get creative and happy layering!