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It’s Big-Little Season!

Tis the season for Bigs and Littles! After a great Fall Formal Recruitment for all the sororities (round of applause for all 14 chapters!), it’s time for new members to find their own families within their sororities.

Big-Little reveal is when the new members (Littles) of a sorority find out who their older member sisters/mentors (Bigs) are, who helps guide them to initiation. The reveal is done in a Secret Santa fashion where littles get presents every day for a week. Sometimes the gifts come with clues about the big, and sometimes they’re complete lies to throw littles off. At the end of the week, littles find out who their bigs are and become a part of a family within the sorority.

If you are a big, your presents to your little should highlight the relationship between you and your little and her favorite things and your sorority. There are so many options for presents, so here is your guide to Big/Little gifts. May reveal be like Christmas morning to you!


Give your Little a blanket that will keep her warm and cozy for those Girls’ Nights In as you guys watch your favorite movies. 


Give her something that represents your letters besides t-shirts. Jewelry with letters on them go with any outfit. This is also a chance for her to get her first lavailere.  


Canvases can be a small decoration for her to put in her room and a chance for you to show off your crafting skills. Not crafty? Put a quote from one of her favorite movies, songs or television shows.


Protect your Little from the sun or a bad hair day.


Help keep her hydrated with a tumbler that has her monogram or letters. 


Because everyone should have a set of their own letters to decorate with.


Four words: Wear Your Letters Wednesday #WYLW


Give her something special to put on her laptop or planner. Represent everywhere you go!


Because the way to a Little’s heart is through her stomach. Plus, who wouldn’t want food?

No matter what, remember that presentation is key. How you put together your presents when you give them is a craft in itself.

Tie a ribbon around it, or put it in a cute box. Either way your Little will love you for you! 

Amy is currently a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication, minor in political science with certificates in Event Planning and Entrepreneurial Management and HC UIowa's Trouble Maker. Her dream job is to work in Public Relations or Event Planning and plans to also become a lawyer, like the 9 years old Amy planned. Whenever she's not writing articles, she's usually online shopping, binging on Netflix, or laughing at her own jokes. Midwestern Prep with the worst luck in the world, you can keep track of her worst case scenarios on Twitter.
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