The Iowa Collegiette's 2016 Gift Guide

There is no better feeling than giving, but unfortunately, this can be hard during the holidays if you are ballin’ on a budget like many college students. I love my friends, so I always want to get them something special for Christmas. Luckily, my friends and I all have a general understanding of the financial state we are all in, so we don’t expect anything extravagant. Shopping for friends can still be a fun experience, even if you don’t a money tree growing in the back yard. Below are some fun gift ideas for your friends that you can buy without breaking the bank!

Kylie Jenner Lipkit

In the past year, there has been a growing craze over the Kylie Jenner Lipkits, which include a matte liquid lipstick and matching lip liner. This is the perfect gift for the friend who is always rocking colored lips. Plus, it is only $29, which is a reasonable price for getting two products. 

Gift cards

Choose their favorite restaurant, coffee shop or clothing store. Often times, people shy away from purchasing gift cards because they believe it isn't personalized, but there is nothing better than having the freedom to decide how to spend the money on the card. 

Movie basket

Fill a popcorn bucket with your friend's favorite movies and snacks!

Star Gaze Jewelry

This online shop has the cutest chokers and other necklaces at affordable prices.

Coffee Gift Basket

If your friend is a coffee lover, put together a gift basket with her favorite coffee, a cute coffee mug and flavored creamer! You can also find milk frothers online for under $15 if she enjoys drinking lattes. 

Color theme basket

Spoil your friend with this cute color themed gift basket. Shop around for little things such as nail polish, hair products, gum or makeup that are her favorite color, and throw it all together.

Although gift shopping can be overwhelming, it's important to remember that your friends will care less about the actual gift and more about the fact you took the time to find them something special. With that in mind, get out there, have fun and shop your heart out (within the budget of course)!