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Introducing The Comfiest Jeans You Will Ever Wear

If you’re anything like me, you understand that shopping for good jeans is an extremely frustrating and nearly impossible task. Actually, for a while during my freshman year of high school, I didn’t even own any jeans because I didn’t want to go out and find a pair. First, you have to actually go out and find them, which means changing out of sweatpants and committing to spending your entire day in mall fitting rooms. Then, you’re faced with trying to find the total package: comfy, cute, well-fitting and affordable. Not very ideal, am I right?

After some serious Internet research and intel from my mother who also happens to be a personal stylist, all of my problems with jeans came to a halt. I found this amazing brand, Articles of Society, offered at Nordstrom. I knew that I had always been satsified with the quality of clothing I bought at Nordstrom, so I figured I’d give these jeans a shot. 

AOS was founded four years ago by denim experts that were tired of not being able to find high-quality jeans at an affordable price. The Los Angeles-based company employs veterans from the denim industry with prior ties to Hudson, Antik Denim, Theory and Vince. These people know what they’re doing, and they clearly know how to do it well. These jeans are some of the comfiest, cutest pants I have ever owned. They look and fit like regular skinny jeans but feel like leggings. They’re the best of both worlds, cue the Hannah Montana song.

Articles of Society first debuted their brand with the Mya Skinny Jean, which is what I own (in two washes!) and absolutely adore. Since then, they have expanded to different cuts and styles of jeans as well as shorts, skirts and shirts. You can purchase their apparel on their website or at Nordstrom, Buckle and other major retailers.

I highly recommend you check this brand out. Not only is it super affordable for broke college girls like myself, but their jeans are high-quality and will last through many washes, nights out and whatever other reckless things you decide to do while wearing them.

Where did you find your favorite pair of jeans? 

Carly is a freshman majoring in Journalism with hopes of someday becoming the boss of the world. She grew up in Saint Paul, MN and left her heart there when she went to school 300 miles away in Iowa City. In her free time she enjoys blogging, eating good food, and being outdoors.
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