If the Presidential Candidates Were in Sororities

I know it's something we've all been wondering for a while. If the presidential candidates were in sororities, which ones would they be in? Well, here you have it, the answer to the question that has obviously been burning in your mind for ages. Get excited, and go Greek!

Hillary Clinton: Gamma Phi Beta

Hillary Clinton is a classic Gamma Phi. She’s poised, well-known and likeable. With Gamma Phi Beta’s #SheIs campaign that focuses on empowering and celebrating women, Hillary is sure to fit in here. This goes hand in hand with Gamma Phi’s involvement in Building Strong Girls. Gamma Phis are confident, strong and all about leadership. Hillary’s dynamic personality fits the bill, and she also has the charisma and easy going personality of any Gamma Phi Beta.

Bernie Sanders: Alpha Chi Omega

Bernie Sanders is the typical confident, big personality of Alpha Chi. He is passionate about what he believes in and is outgoing and hardworking. His passion for women’s rights is mirrored in this sorority, and he is determined to build a Real. Strong. Country. just like the real strong women of Alpha Chi Omega! His focus on building community would be a perfect fit for the women of Alpha Chi, since their sisterhood is so strong. Alpha Chis are also super laid back and easy to get along with, just like Bernie.

Ted Cruz: Chi Omega

Ted Cruz is a determined go-getter, just like the women of Chi Omega. He had jump start on the other candidates by announcing his candidacy first, and he also has had incredible individual success in his career as a lawyer and a politician. Cruz’s intelligence, cunning and hard work would make him a hit at Chi O. He is put together and full of ambition, just like the lovely ladies of Chi Omega!

John Kasich: Kappa Alpha Theta

John Kasich was not a candidate that was at the forefront of our minds, but he is enthusiastic, extremely likeable and kind, which is why he is a great match for Kappa Alpha Theta. Theta women have big personalities but are easy to get along with and compassionate towards everyone they meet. Kasich focuses on a lot of family values, which matches perfectly with Theta’s amazing sisterhood! Thetas are all about creating the greatest amount of good for others, and Kasich has a huge desire to help others. Kappa Alpha Theta seeks to create a bond between sisters, and with Kasich’s huge heart and will to lead others, he would fit in perfectly.

Donald Trump: a free floater

We didn’t feel there was a sorority that fit Donald’s… unique personality, so to say. Trump probably isn’t in a sorority but instead is that one girl that shows up to all your philanthropies and is always hanging around frat guys and showing up to their parties even though she definitely isn’t in a sorority and probably wasn’t invited. You and your sisters have no idea who she is, but she seems to talk a lot of trash about sororities for someone who goes to all the events anyway.

Dropped Candidates (okay, okay, we know they dropped but they're still good people, they deserve a bid too)

Marco Rubio: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Marco Rubio is a young candidate; he’s well-liked and kind and very charismatic, just like our ladies of Kappa. Rubio is up to date on all the latest trends. He’s very modern and classy, but he’s also one of the most relateable candidates. We see Marco as having a real personality, someone that you could talk to, and he's all about family and relationships. These traits are present in the down-to-earth, personable Kappas as well, which is why Marco would fit in so well. Kappa’s are also involved in their philanthropy, Reading Is Fundamental, and Rubio’s desire to make education accessible would make him an excellent Kappa.

Ben Carson: Delta Gamma

As a candidate that is so focused on serving and has had a past rich with philanthropy, it only makes sense that Ben Carson would be a DG. Delta Gamma’s philosophy is "Do Good," and Carson definitely embodies this. Carson strives to help others in everything that he does, even outside of the political race. Carson stays true to his beliefs, and this strength in who he is would make him an excellent member of Delta Gamma. He would fit right in with the women of DG with his passion to help others and their focus on educating and personally bettering every member of Delta Gamma.

Martin O’Malley: Zeta Tau Alpha

O’Malley, even though he didn’t make it far, is a man of great character and definitely Seeks the Noblest. He has built himself into a trustworthy, wholesome, well-rounded guy that is confident and at peace with his character, just like the beautiful Zetas. He is also an advocate for women’s rights, and the women of Zeta value this as well, from their constant empowerment of their sisters, to their philanthropy to support victims of breast cancer. O’Malley takes his career seriously and puts all his passion into it, but he is also passionate about life, family and doing good for other people. In the same way, members of Zeta Tau Alpha are driven and successful, but to them, success also means having strong relationships with their sisters, bettering the lives of others and showing the world compassion. Zetas stand for what they think is right, and so does O’Malley.

Well, there you have it, in case you were ever wondering. Give your candidate a call, and maybe they'll want to join. Who knows, if they don't win the presidency, maybe they'll have nothing better to do.


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