I Make A New Spotify Playlist Every Month And Here Is Why

If you are like me, music is something that you use to reflect your mood and mark key points in your life. For most, this involves making playlists based on types of music or specific moods they tend to feel. For me, this means making a new playlist every month. I learned this from my best friend Kendall (pictured below). I saw how she organized her music and I loved the idea. I had been getting tired of my regular playlists I rotated through and so I figured this would be a great way to never get bored of what I was listening to. This method of music organization has helped expose me to new music, as well as give me amazing playlists to listen back on.

Another reason I love making playlists every month is that now whenever I hear the songs in those playlists, I get overwhelmed with the emotions and memories I was experiencing at the time, which to me is a very beautiful thing. In my opinion, it is a way to keep in touch with your past self and remember the lessons that came out of what you've been through and how much you have grown over the time that has passed. With that, here are 3 examples of my playlists from January to March of 2019. 

January 2019 


January 2019 for me was a time of immense growth. I was finally starting to realize which people in my life were truly good for me and who I needed to let go of, this goes for both romantic and platonic relationships. In "JAN 19" you can find bops such as "Church" by Allison Wonderland and "six speed" by ROLE MODEL. 

February 2019 


In "FEB 19" you can find most of the songs my friends liked to jam out to when we got ready for a night out. After rediscovering my worth and what was good for me in January, February was a "bounce back" month for sure. I finally felt like myself again and this playlist reflects that "back and better than ever" attitude I had. In this playlist, you can find songs like "Saved From The City" by Mike Stud and " Pina Colada" by Yung Pinch. 

March 2019


If I'm being honest, "MAR 19" was a continuation of the same attitude that was present in February. Hey, you're lying to yourself if you're saying you don't want that "bad bitch" feeling to last all the time! Spring semester was also my time to show the world what I was made of and I think most of my music choices reflected that. In "MAR 19" you can find jams like "Movin' Up" by Quality Control and "all the good girls go to hell" by Billie Eilish. 

It's amazing to look back on old playlists to see how my music taste has developed over the year. If you're in need of some new music or want to see the rest of my playlists feel free to follow my Spotify, @eperry00, December 19 is currently underway! Happy listening!