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How Your Birth Chart Can Lead to the Best Spotify Playlists

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I romanticize everything from the simple act of getting ready in the morning to any big event that was being planned. So of course, I need a soundtrack to the movie that is my life and what better way to find a playlist that speaks to me than one that was designed by my birth? I knew a lot about my zodiac sign but never my Birth Chart, which for me was not something I would normally not know, as a Capricorn I like having all the information that's possible! So next thing I knew I was filling out information for my Birth Chart, and then finding playlists online that fit my Birth Chart!

Birth Charts: the placement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars of when you were born. If you're a big fan of astrology and know not only your zodiac sign but also your sun, moon, and rising signs then you know what a Birth Chart is. If you don't, then let me explain. Your birth chart shows what was aligned the moment you were born at the time and location that you were born at. It gives your insight into what makes you up as a person through your zodiac sign. This is the website that I used to get my Birth Chart and it was free: https://www.californiapsychics.com/astrology-birthchart-report

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Now that you have your Birth Chart, you can find your life soundtrack! It is very easy. All one must do is look up their rising, moon, or sun sign and add “playlist” to the end. For example, my sun sign is Capricorn, so I simply type Capricorn Sun Playlist! And then come in all different types of playlists from main character playlists to Taylor Swift and One Direction songs that reflect a Capricorn Sun. I know that depending on my mood I change my playlist that best fits me, so having all of these options helps a ton at finding what best fits my mood. Another thing is these playlists also expose me to new music that I might not have found without them! Music is so important to me and these playlists help me express that! Hope you find your next movie soundtrack! 


Original Illustration by Her Campus Media