How to Use Social Media for Motivation

We all have days when we don’t want to work out, do homework, put any work into our appearance or achieve anything productive. It’s as if motivation has a mind of its own. Some days it likes to be our friend, and other days it is nowhere to be found. If you’re anything like me, a lack of motivation can be frustrating, so I have discovered other ways to find motivation on the days it isn’t naturally present. 

Although social media is a great way to connect with friends, it is also a great resource for inspiration or motivation. By following various accounts that have content relating to your interests, you can stay focused on your goals and discover new ideas. Below are some of my favorite accounts that encourage me to keep working hard in all aspects of my life.


Fitness accounts are great for everyone because there are many different options for exercise. Personally, I enjoy lifting/cross fit workouts, so I am always getting new workout ideas from the Instagram accounts alexia_clark and massy.arias. Whenever I get tired of the same workout routine, I can switch it up by imitating their workout clips. If lifting or cross fit type workouts aren’t your thing, try following a runner, dancer or yoga instructor for tips and new moves.


Sometimes school is difficult, and we question whether all the work is worth it. When doubts arise, it can be helpful to be reminded of the end goal. Since I am looking to go to medical school, I subscribe to an account run by a girl who is a current med student (TheStriveToFit). Her videos contain helpful information about how to get into med school and the reality of med school. Watching these videos help me keep my eyes on the prize. You can find an account that aligns with your goals no matter what profession you hope to get into!


I would be lying if I said all of my fashion ideas are my own. One of my favorite sources for outfit inspiration is YouTube. By watching videos, I find new ways to use the clothes I already have to create new outfits. The benefits of getting fashion ideas from YouTube over Instagram or Pinterest is that YouTubers often go into detail to explain where they purchased a certain item and the cost. There is a YouTube account for a variety of styles, so it can be fun to browse them and find one that fits you. Although I subscribe to a couple fashion accounts, Tess Christine is one I have always loved. 

These are just three subjects of many that have inspiring social media content. If nutrition is your passion, a cooking account might be perfect for you. If reading is something you love, follow your favorite authors. Social media is the perfect outlet for anyone to get a little extra motivation at any time.