How to Throw a Bomb Bonfire

Summer is THE perfect time for bonfires. It’s a casual way to enjoy the outdoors, catch up with friends, relax and stuff yourself with s’mores. But a bonfire can be so much more than a fire and some marshmallows. Bump up your bonfire with these simple ideas!


Want to cook out? Roasting hotdogs over the fire makes for an easy, clean meal. Poker sticks like this make it easy to roast your ‘dog -- and they double as marshmallow roasters! The classic bonfire thing to do is indulge in a s’more… or two… or three. Spruce up your s’more by using a chocolate frosting spread or Nutella and peanut butter on your graham crackers instead of a chocolate bar. If you have a super sweet tooth, put your golden brown (or burnt-to-a-crisp) marshmallow between the bookends of an Oreo. If you’re craving salty instead of sweet, popcorn is the perfect fit! Jiffy pop popcorn is cheap and super fun to watch and listen to. Oh, and eat.


Ya gotta love summer, but bugs can be the worst. An old fashion trick for keeping mosquitos away from your area is to take a burning branch and smoke out the area your bonfire will be. There are also mosquito foggers that are keep the little pests away for up to six hours. No matter what you do, keep extra bug repellent on hand.

The Setup

The presentation of it all can sometimes be the hardest part. Instead of throwing a bag of chips and a box of graham crackers on a table, dress up your spread by pouring chips and other snack-y foods into colorful bowls. Putting together a fruit spread not only adds color to your table, but provides a lighter and refreshing flavor. To keep graham crackers, marshmallows and s’more toppings ready, create a platter with all the ingredients needed. Not only does setting platters and bowls up keep things organized, but it makes for super easy clean up. If you’re wanting to add a vintage feel to your indulge, give each guest a mason jar for drinks or snacks.


Finding outdoor furniture that’s cute AND durable can be quite a challenge, but it does exist! Plastic chairs bear the wear-and-tear of the outdoors while the colors give a lively feel. Small side tables could be a good touch if your bonfire is food-focused. For lighting, you could get a little beachy and go for tiki torches, or embrace the nature and invest in LED lanterns that give a “campin’-with-the-fam” vibe. Both add some extra spark to your night!


The party doesn’t start til the sun goes down…. And the glow comes out! Glow stick necklaces double as a ring toss game. Or, if you want to get wild, indulge with glow in the dark face and body paint. If you want to get a little gossipy, write “Truth or Dare” or “Would You Rather Questions” on slips of paper, put them in a jar, and pass them around. If you’re looking for cute photo ops, experiment with sparklers! If you and your friends or family are in it for kicks and giggles, the iPhone and Android app “Heads Up” will keep you laughing all night long.

Happy hosting! Peace. Love. S’mores.


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