How to Survive the Summer as Told by "She's the Man"

We have finally made it to the best part of the year, Collegiettes! That’s right—summer! You’ve made it through all those finals and papers and can finally look forward to all the activities that come with warmer weather: beach days, eating popsicles and ice cream, carnivals, road trips, bonfires...

But even amongst the super-fun days and star-filled nights, there are things you’ll need to get you through the summer, and Her Campus has you covered! Check out the Summer Survival Kit below, with visual assistance from “She’s the Man,” of course.

Monthly Gift

Monthly Gift is a subscription-based service combining technology with your period. Catering to your personal cycle, the app keeps track of ovulation and menstrual patterns. The subscription will deliver a discreet black box of tampons, pads, and liners right before your period arrives! It will be much more discreet than carrying tampons in one’s boot.

AZO Cranberry Gummies

Let’s face it, UTIs happen. It’s bathing suit season and sometimes they cannot be avoided! To cut the time of your suffering, take two gummies—worth one glass of cranberry juice. Let’s hope you won’t be in pain for too long!


Brappz are a multi-use accessory when you need one in a snap. Use them as bra straps, jewelry, shoelaces, hair accessories, fan paraphernalia, and more! Viola could have used them to keep the girls in line while, well, being a man.


CamelBak products are all for the purpose of avoiding wasteful plastic or Styrofoam containers. The Forge Divide insulated travel mug comes in all kinds of bright colors to brighten your morning while toting coffee or tea. The leak-proof cap will make avoiding spills all the easier. Cleaning will be a breeze with no hidden places for gunk to build up. Maybe Viola could have taken breakfast on the go if Eunice had had the Forge Divide travel mug!

Pure Silk

Pure Silk does to your legs just what its name implies. Using this raspberry-scented shaving cream will leave your legs feeling smooth and moisturized. As an added bonus, it will protect against nicks and cuts. It’s just what you need to get rid of those unwanted hairs!

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley beach towels, wallets, ID cases, and keychains are adorable must-haves for summer (and into the school year). With stylish colors and designs, you’ll never forget your important essentials again!

Have a great summer with the help of these amazing products, Collegiettes!

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