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How To: Study for Finals – 2011 Version

The end of school is nearing but before we can even think about enjoying our next break we must get through the dreaded F word: Finals. They are fast approaching and I know I, for one, am not prepared. Here are some tips on how to ace those tests.

  1. Find a quiet atmosphere. Every student needs a space that is free of other interruptions and things that could potentially get in the way of studying. Many students find refuge at the Iowa Memorial Union or IMU or various coffee shops throughout Iowa City like Java House or T’Spoons. The many university libraries are also a reliable study area.
  2. Stay off the Internet. We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the gossip of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other sites. To counteract this, just don’t get on the Internet at all. Do not connect, if at all possible. Some students even have a reliable friend change their passwords to their social maedia sites for finals week. This way there is no possibility of getting distracted.
  3. Start a study group. Many students find it easiest when studying in groups because they can quiz each other over the material. Other students may also be more knowledgeable about certain topics than you and can help you better understand the material.
  4. Use flash cards. The faster you can spurt out the information the better because you are so limited on test time. Flash cards are also small and compact and can be carried and flipped through on the bus to class.
  5. Use old tests and assignments. Many professors use questions from previous tests that you may have had throughout the semester for their final. Be sure to review that material along with your assignments and class lectures.
  6. Re-read the reading materials. You should read any book chapters from the book or online segments that were assigned. The smallest segment can turn into a grade-deciding question on your final.
  7. Ask the professor. Either in class or at office hours, you should ask the professor what you should expect from the test. They of course won’t tell you the questions or answers but can tell you what to study and possibly even have a study guide for you to use or that they can post to ICON.

Finals can be a scary time but as long as you study hard and feel that you have done all that you can then you will be fine. Don’t forget to have some down time and don’t over stress yourself. Just know that you are not alone, the whole university is going through the same thing as you! 

The ‘F’ Word

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