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How To: Stay Healthy During Halloween

Halloween is approaching quickly and a staple for this holiday usually involves candy. If you are like me the fear of gaining that unwanted number on the scale drives me to steer clear of the sweets entirely. Luckily there are treats out there that can trick the scale and satisfy that sweet tooth.

1.Pretzel M&M’s—This certain product is great because it has that chocolate covering and yet it’s chewy. It’s only 150 calories a package as well.


2.Dark Chocolate— If you have to choose between milk or dark chocolate, always go to dark! It can lower your blood pressure and it has less antioxidants than milk chocolate. A miniature dark chocolate can total to be 45 calories.


3.Whoppers—For anybody that has that chocolate craving go to whoppers. This candy is nice because you can consume a large quantity with less calories, 18 milk balls only totals to 180 calories and 63 calories from fat!


4.Dried Raspberries—Dried Raspberries are a healthy option because they are still sweet and only 120 calories. Also for health benefits they are high in fiber.


5.Sugar-free Gum or Jelly Beans—The benefits of grabbing a stick of gum is that it is only about 5 calories and it reduces cravings. Also a jelly bean is only 2 calories per bean.

One thing to remember is that candy is high in sugar and it’s best to eat in moderation with this food group. Don’t feel bad for eating candy though, it allows someone to feel pleasure and reduces the chance of binge eating in the future. So put down the candy corn and eat these healthier options instead. 

Photo Source: http://Wikipedia.com

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