How to Relax and Not Feel Like a Bum

Relaxing, or in other words, being lazy, is an important part of life. We all do it, and for some of us more than we'd like to share. But how do we relax without feeling guilty about it? There are probably multiple things we should actually be doing right now instead of doing, well, nothing. 

Here is a list of 5 things you can do that will make you feel better about being lazy!

1. Take a Bubble Bath

I know a lot of people are against baths because that's "for children" and we're all adults now right? But who cares! In my opinion, bath bombs were 100% made for all young adults, women and men, who want some down time along with some colorful fizzy fun. And taking a bath is actually productive, so technically you aren't being lazy, right?

2. Do a Face Mask

Taking care of your skin is probably one of the best lazy things you can do. Every night when I'm laying in bed binging some show on Netflix, I always put on a face mask. When the episode is over, I take it off and my skin is smooth and glowing - and it took really no effort on my part! Some of my favorite face mask brands include Que Bella, Masque Bar, The Creme Shop and 7th Heaven! 

3. Do Yoga

A lot of people don't realize that doing yoga can actually be just as beneficial for your body as going to the gym and working out. The best part about it is that you can burn calories and relax at the same time! You can do yoga while watching TV or listening to music, and you won't even realize that you're breaking a sweat!

4. Watch a Documentary

When many people think about relaxing, they think about laying in bed and watching a show on Netflix (or HBO, Hulu, etc.) But have you ever thought about watching a documentary instead of some fictional drama? This way you can still watch TV, but maybe you'll learn something about history as well! Right now my go-to documentary is The Ted Bundy Tapes, which is creepy but oh so interesting.

5. Listen to a Podcast

These days podcasts are all the hype. You can listen to almost anything on a podcast - from murder mysteries to the news, to people from Bachelor Nation talking about their lives now. Whether you're laying in bed, taking a bath, or doing yoga, listening to a podcast can always be a fun way to learn about what's going on in the world around you.

So, as you can see, relaxing doesn't have to be something you feel guilty about. It can just as easily be something that improves your day-to-day life, like clearing up your skin, learning more about the world around you or even improving your body!

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