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How To: Entertain Yourself During Finals Week

It’s finals week, and if you are anything like me, most of the week is spent procrastinating and learning through osmosis. But at times when your friends are studying and you are bored out of your mind you need to find some ways to entertain yourself. I mean, one can only check their facebook/e-mail so many times before they realize that apparently they are the only person left on the planet. Never fear! I am a pro at procrastinating and have come across many internet sites that are not only entertaining but can keep you occupied for hours.

Site 1:Youtube.com. Unless you’ve been living sans internet for a good six years now then you are aware of youtube and the amazing entertainment opportunities it holds. The cute cat videos alone can keep you occupied for a good five hours all by themselves, let alone all the other crazy videos that people post.

Site 2:Buzzfeed.com. This site is amazing! Basically people can post images, memes, videos, etc. here for others to see. It was here that I first saw the Friday video (and we all know how that turned out). Besides the above mentioned entertainment, sometimes people also post links to different internet games as well.

Site 3:This isn’t really a website, but it’s an idea for one. Start a blog. The fun you can have editing your blog to fit your personality is endless. Plus the time you can take updating it and then checking out other blogs on the site is infinite.

Site 4:Hercampus.com. I know, I know, that’s the site you are currently on. BUT, this isn’t some shameless plug. It is so easy to get lost within the site reading all the different articles. The site covers everything from beauty to internships to fashion. Plus, the campus cuties page isn’t that bad either.

Ok, here’s the part in the article where we get serious. Though these websites are all a ton of fun to spend time on, finals week is happening. And it’s happening whether you’re ready or not. So spend some time on these sites when you need a little break but make sure you study like the responsible adults you are (and yes…the cheese factor was just raised 100%). Now, go kick butt on those tests and have a good end of the semester.

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