How To Deal With Your Drunk Friends

If you have ever gone out with your friends or a group of people, you know that people get lost, drunk and separated along the way. It’s a thing that is bound to happen when while drinking in Iowa City, or anywhere for that matter. When going out with a group of people, safety is the number one concern.

My best idea is to have an open conversation with how your friends like being dealt with when they are intoxicated. I know friends who can find their way blindfolded (me) like Lewis and Clark exploring the new land or E.T. trying to find their way home. There are some who are trying to be independent, but can’t even walk on their own two feet. There are some people who just want you to be by your side and let you carry them home.

So here is the how-to guide on how to deal with your drunk friends when you’re about to hit the bars downtown or headed to a party:

Add your friends on "Find My Friends" and "Snap Map"

Adding your friends on "Find My Friends" allows you to simply locate where they are if they have their phone with them. Or, give them a reason to Snapchat the whole night and be able to locate them on Snap Map.

Everyone keeps their own stuff

I hate when people have me babysit their stuff. We are all adults; everyone should be able to keep track of their own stuff. If you notice your friends keeps losing their stuff, just remind them. If they keep wanting to text Chris from the other night or Kelly from that party during your freshman year to see if they’re DTF, be a cockblock before they embarrass themselves or you'll have a drunk mess at the bar.

If they start crying

I’ve been there on both the friend consoling a crying friend and I’ve been the crying friend. Either take them outside or to the bathroom (where a billion girls will also become their friend) and ask them what’s wrong. If it’s because Dan’s not texting her back, give her a pep talk, wipe away those tears and get her water.

The out-of-town friend

When it comes to Iowa City, all out-of-towners take a MASSIVE "L" like Ohio State against Iowa this past football season. They get caught up by the number of bars, the access to alcohol and the fine people of Iowa City, and then they end up either throwing up, getting lost or losing EVERYTHING they came with, or worse, arrested or hospitalized. Even though you want to have fun and show your friend what Iowa City has to offer, you have to remember that they don’t know their surroundings and they could take a totally "L" and do something they might regret. It’s best to just watch them. While no one wants to be the "mom" for the night, once in awhile its nice, plus you’ll have a clearer recollection of everyone’s embarrassing actions while eating your hangover cure at Hamburg Inn the next morning.

If they’re hesitant to go home

These are the “let me keep partying people,” even though they can BARELY stand on their own two feet. What should you do to take care of them? Take them home! It will be like trying to catch something in a trap, you may have to use a bribe or treat, but it’s for their own good. You might even have to carry their deadweight home.


If you ever see a person passed out anywhere, please make sure they are okay, they can get home safely and that they are not alone. Whether or not they are your friend or some stranger, a gesture like that can save someone’s life.

While we all like to have fun with our friends, alcohol can make or break the night. If you decide to go drinking, remember to drink responsibility. 

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