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How to Deal with a Long Distance Relationship

Everyone knows long distance relationships can be tough. Especially if you are dating a Cyclone (gasp!). Well, who knew that dating a Cyclone could actually be kind of fun? Minus the fact that one of us is in Iowa City and the other is all the way in Ames.  Although, when you really care about someone, distance shouldn’t really matter! My boyfriend (the Cyclone) and I will have officially been dating for a year come this weekend, the day of the iconic Iowa v. Iowa State game. Talk about ironic.  After a few ups and downs we have found a lot of ways to keep our relationship going, so that neither of us get bored or feel like the long distance is dragging us apart. Here are a couple of my tips that I find most helpful when it comes to dating in a long distance relationship.

One of the most easy, yet satisfying ways to communicate would be face timing. Now a days, almost everyone has an iPhone or some type of phone that can download a video chat app like Skype. When you’re walking from one class to another, or taking study breaks it’s so easy to have a quick conversation and to see each other! Another way to help out your relationship, is to make it a point to see each other a lot on the weekends. Take turns visiting schools, so you both can experience what each school is like. At the same time, you get to create even more crazy memories and make friends with their friends! 

We all know texting can get really boring, so instead of drawing out a super lame conversation, talk about all the things your excited to do with each other. Things you can talk about are like traveling, cool new places to eat that you want to show them, visiting their families…the list goes on! Since my boyfriend and I go to rival schools, we always like to make fun of each-other, even though we all know Iowa is the best…Go Hawks!

While these tips may not have helped with the fact that I am still dating a major rival, I hope that they will help to make any other long distance relationship a little bit easier. So far, they’ve worked for me, but we’ll see how everything goes after the Iowa v. ISU game this Saturday!

Nicky Diaz Student at the University of Iowa Communications major, Human Relations minor
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