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Everyone deals with new life situations differently, and that is okay. During our teenage years, we experience so many ups and downs that have probably drove yourself and your parents insane. I know I drove my mom crazy all four years of high school with friends, school, boys, and stress but that didn’t stop after 4 years… College came quicker than I thought.

Everyone warns you to not skip classes or to not party too much, but what they don’t warn you about is that it will take a couple weeks to get adjusted into your new home. Homesickness is a real thing, and it will happen to everyone at least once in their life. College is a huge changing point in life, and it can take time to get in the swing of normal at a new place. You should never feel embarrassed that you are feeling homesick at any time throughout your journey in college. Here are a few ways to combat that!

1. Call a family member or friend when you are walking to or from class.

This can be a regularly scheduled thing or whenever you feel like it. While you’re walking on campus, just pick up the phone and catch up with a family member or friend and ask how their day is. Plus it’ll make your walk go faster! That’s why I do it!

2. Hang out with a new friend. 

Find someone that lives down the hall in your dorm and ask if they want to grab dinner or go do something fun on campus! There isn’t going to be one person on campus that knows everyone, so broaden your horizans and meet someone new and learn something from them or about themselves. 

3. Start a new Netflix/Hulu show. 

Netflix and Hulu are a good distraction at times when you need it! I reccomend Schitts Creek or you can never go wrong with rewatching Grey’s Anatomy. They are also a great break from homework! 

4. Go workout. 

This is only going to benefit you, and it will help you get your mind off everything, especially the homesickness. The campus rec is included in your tuition/fees, so you just have to have your student ID to get in. Take advantage of that, and treat yourself with a smoothie from the Power Cafe located in the lobby of the rec.

5. Go try something new!

Go out and explore your new world. Go for a walk and just explore what your campus has to offer. Maybe go to a yoga class or go eat sushi for the first time. College is the time to branch out and get outside your comfort zone, so take up any opportunity that life throws at you.Homesickness will not go away from just doing these things. Take your time and get adjusted to campus. You’ll fall in love and find your spot here – I promise.

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Natalie is currently a junior at The University of Iowa majoring Sport and Recreation Management. She loves to hang out with friends and family, watch Netflix, and photography! Instagram -- @natalieiacopetti Twitter -- @natalieiacopett
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