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This week HC-UIowa got to try out a bunch of new product in our Her Campus Back to School Survival Package. There were so many new products that we didn’t no where to start but after a week of tasting, sampling, and trying out these products. We knew exactly what to do- share it with our readers! Here are our HC-UIowa picks of the month!

Nerosonic Drinks

What collegiette does not need a little extra energy? Nerosonic has wide range of drinks that are designed to enhance your daily life. Instead of the traditional energy drink that can give you the jitters for hours, Nero drinks are each a special blend of vitamins to help you focus on different task. We tried the “sonic,” which is a tasty wild berry flavor with light carbonated drink that’s only 35 calories a bottle and has less than 10g of sugar. The “sonic” is designed to improve mental performance and help you focus. We were not sold on it until the 2:30 in class feeling hit us and we tried out the drink and surprisingly it worked. Nero has a wide range of drinks that help you focus, sleep, or even serve a daily vitamin boost. They are sold at various Kum and Go stores around Iowa City.

Poppin Notebooks and Gel Pens

We never thought office supplies could be so much fun. We were thrilled to open our brand new Poppin mini notebooks and purple gel rollerball pens, we have made them our official HC-UIowa notebooks (we know a little nerdy). Poppin believes that surrounding yourself with beautiful object while working is inspiring and they are rig ht.  As soon as we open our notebooks the ideas began to flow, and it add a little punch of fun to our editorial meetings. Poppin products come in a variety of fun colors and style so add a little inspiration to your mid-semester lull.

Chipotle Gift Card

UIowa collegiettes are always split between Pancheros and Chipotle, but it is clear who we pick! Chipotle offers fresh food with healthy options. We can’t get enough burritos bowls and now they we have a gift card, there is no stopping us! If you love HC-UIowa picks and want more send in the suggestions, we will try just about almost anything. Keep an eye out for HC- Holiday Picks!


Full time English/Studio Arts major, Full-time visionary. Native Chicagoan and a true city girl. In love with love and a frequent contributing writer for the HC-UIowa Modern Love column(however not frequent enough). Current endeavor?  Proud Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UIowa, I am progressively expanding the chapter's reach through creative, fun, and informative content with a unique publication voice. I also have published content for diffrent on-line and print media. I love everything HC, but when I am not writing, editing, or publishing I am trying out the latest health trends in fitness and food, hanging out with friends, or fueling a bad habit of on-line shopping. Future endeavor? Editor-in Chief of a magazine something like Glamour, Cosmo, or Self. Want to keep up with me? Follow me on Twitter @EllandreaM
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