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Whether you’re in charge of dessert, watching football or just enjoying family time, all of us at Her Campus hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! A great way to thank the cook and/or host of your meal is to bring some fall flowers. While a large arrangement can cost a bit much for college students (one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is all the free food and booze, right?), a simple bouquet of Mums is festive and cost-effective. Here’s to a year of delicious food without any family drama—let’s hope that Aunt Jane doesn’t overdo it on the Apple Cider Sangria this year or that Uncle Bill doesn’t get started on politics. 

My name is Kathleen McGowan. I am a junior at the University of Iowa double majoring in English and Journalism. My dream is to publish a collection of nonfiction essays or short stories. I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, and keeping up with TV and entertainment news. Feel free to follow me on twitter: @mcgowankj
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