Glammed Up & On The Go With Her Campus Iowa Survival Kits

This semester at Her Campus Iowa, we're glammed up and on the go! Things are super busy, but we're keeping it together and looking good while doing it. What's the secret behind our success? Take a look at what we got in our Back-to-School Survival Kits from Her Campus this semester; the secret's in the box...

The Roommate BookAdulthood is a Myth from Andrews McMeel Publishing

The Roommate Book offers a not-serious guide to living with anyone, whether it's a friend or total stranger. Becky Simpson tackles roomie topics like “Should I eat this without asking?” and “Creating Nicknames” and “A Case for Blanket Forts.”

Adulting is hard—navigating the murky waters of dating and relationships, hair and makeup, jobs, friendship, body image, introversion, laundry—how are we supposed to cope with it all? With Adulthood is a Myth for comic relief! Sarah Andersen's frankness on personal issues like body image, self-consciousness, introversion, relationships and the frequency of bra-washing makes her comics highly relatable and deeply hilarious.

CamelBak Forge Divide Mug

You may have a CamelBak water bottle—and you probably love it—but did you know CamelBak also makes mugs? We absolutely love our CamelBak Forge Divide Mugs! Those of us who attended Her Conference in July got our own mugs and have used them almost every day since. The all-terrain mug that makes it easy to drink coffee or tea one-handed, with a drinking valve that opens with the press of a button, and then seals shut to prevent leaks or spills. The leak-proof cap means you can confidently toss the Forge Divide into your bag without soaking your stuff. If you’re sipping more frequently, just press the lockout button to keep the cap open.

And CamelBak wants us to #DitchDisposable. Put down the paper coffee cup. Join the movement, and do your part to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste going to landfills.

The DivaCup 

The jury is still out on The DivaCup. Those who have tried it usually love it. However, some of us just can't wrap our heads around the idea of a menstrual cup. But for Her Campus, we're willing to give anything a try!

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally, collecting rather than absorbing menstrual flow and offering women more convenience, confidence and flexibility. Easy-to-use and comfortable, The DivaCup provides up to 12 hours of leak-free protection all-day and overnight, making it a perfect choice for any activity. The DivaCup provides women with a better period experience while eliminating the need to buy and carry menstrual products in endless absorbencies, styles and shapes. Visit their official website or watch their YouTube videos for some great tips and tricks on how to use The DivaCup!

Freeman Beauty Face Masks

Who doesn't love a good face mask to feel relaxed and refreshed? Whether you have sensitive, dry or oily skin, Freeman Beauty masks will work for you. And you can take a cute pic with your friends while you have the masks on! Slumber party anyone?

Freeman Beauty is famous for mixing feel-good fun with fresh botanicals to make products that feel good, smell good and do good for skin. Freeman is in constant pursuit of the newest, purest, most effective ingredients unearthed in nature and sourced from science, all to make gorgeous skin possible for women and girls. From their classic formulas to innovative products that set the bar for skin care, Freeman Beauty believes beautiful skin is worth celebrating!

I ♥ JUICY COUTURE Fragrance 

You're probably think, "Juicy? As in Juicy Couture? As in the track suits everyone wore in the 2000s?" Yes, that Juicy! And in case you haven't heard, #TrackIsBack. But we're talking about Juicy Couture's new I ♥ JUICY COUTURE fragrance. What does it smell like? Let's just say it smells amazing.

Bold. Sensual. Intriguing. The new scent from Juicy Couture is for the glamorous rebel who declares her passion for life and all things Juicy. With notes of sparkling mandarin, jasmine and addictive patchouli, this fragrance is a must-have.

Rimmel London

Rimmel offers innovative must-have products that uniquely deliver the eclectic beauty looks and lifestyle of today’s London. Rimmel believes in fashion without rules and values every individual interpretation of beauty. Rimmel delivers wearable and on trend looks at a superior value.

We love their 24HR Supercurler Mascara, Colour Precise Eyeliner and The Only 1 Lipstick. The mascara is volume and lash curling power in one—that's right, no more lash curler needed! You'll get up to 24 hours of curl and hold and instant 90 degree curve. With the eyeliner, you get bold colour, precise application and all day wear. The liner is highly pigmented, long-lasting and quick-drying. And you can change up your color! Reach for black, blue or white. And the lipstick provides color, comfort, moisture and wear. It's available in 12 shades. 


Wearsafe is our new travel obsession. Have you always wanted to travel but never felt quite safe enough to do so? That's where Wearsafe comes in. Wearsafe keeps you safe anywhere in the world. And you can use it right at home, too!

Life can be unpredictable. In those moments when you feel uneasy or unsafe, it's hard to know how a situation will change—or how to get the help you need if it does. The Wearsafe Tag is the only personal safety button that instantly connects you to the people who know and love you the most, giving them both your location and valuable context about what’s happening through a continuous audio stream. With a private group chat, the people in your network can also communicate with each other to quickly decide how to get you the right help, right away.

The Wearsafe Tag is discreet, wearable and easy to use, and it will change the way you think about staying connected when you need your friends and family the most. It’s the smartest, most effective personal safety system in the world, and it will allow you—and the people you care about—to live more confidently every day.