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Four Easy Everyday Hairstyles

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, I look like Cousin Itt”? Well, I have. (Also, if you didn’t get the Addam’s Family reference in that statement, you should get out from the rock you’re under and watch it! I’m only slightly kidding, but seriously, watch it if you haven’t.) I have a solution for you, especially you girls blessed with a head of curly locks, aka “The Mane.” Because of this, I wanted to help out some sistas, even you sistas with straight hair, so I composed four different hairstyles that will take you from drab to fab in less than five minutes. So, let’s get into it!

The Faux Hawk

This first hairstyle that I have for you all is super simple! I orginally started doing this hairstyle because all of my hair wouldn’t fit into a single bun, and it worked like a charm. The steps for this hairstyle are:

1. Take a small section of the top of your hair and twist it into a bun, similar to what many of you do now. (This works whether your hair is wet or dry.)

2. You can secure this with either bobby-pins, a ponytail or both. Whatever you need in order to make the bun stay!

3. Take the middle section of your hair, leaving enough hair for one more bun, and repeat steps 1 and 2.

4. Take the last section of your hair, twist it, and repeat steps 1 and 2 again.

And there you have it! A super cute faux hawk that takes very little effort and turns your look from bed head to college chic in no time at all!

The Twisty Bun

I don’t really have a name for this next hairstyle, but if I were to give it one, it’d be The Twisty Bun! This look will enhance your normal, everyday messy bun and fool peopole into thinking that you spend every waking second doing your hair.

1. Start with your hair down. Take a small section of hair from the front of your head and begin twisting it. Make sure to continue to add hair from the middle and outside sections of your head. Continue to do this until you reach just a little bit below your ear. You may have to clip/tie this twist as you begin to twist the hair on the other side of your head. (Warning, some of your hair may come untwisted during this process. If that’s the case, pin the twisted hair to your head as you work your way down. This will help.)

2. Repeat this process to the other side of your head, continuing to twist and pin when necessary. (Again, you may have to clip the twist to prevent it from coming undone.) Be sure to leave part of your hair down in order for you to add the messy bun.

3. Okay, now time for the best part…the messy bun! Take both of the twists and the rest of your hair and form it into a bun. It can be as messy as you want, and if the bottom of your twists come untwisted, do not fear! Either pin them back into place or leave them to create an even messier look. Whatever floats your boat!

And there you have it, the upcycled messy bun! 

Not Your Average Ponytail

Even though this looks like your average ponytail, it’s not! It’s so much more. I like this hairstyle because it’s simple and cute, and the braids are fun to play with during class (lol). Okay, let’s get into the steps!

1. Choose one side of your hair for your braids to start at. This hairstyle works really well when your hair is wet! 

2. Start at the top of the side of your hair and begin your braid. It can be any type of braid you want, but I just did regular braids. After you braid a good portion of your hair, secure it with a ponytail.

3. Right below the first braid, start another one! I always like varying the sizes of them to switch things up, but you can do whatever your heart desires.

4. Continue to form as many braids as you want or stop whenever you run our of hair (I did three in this photo.)

5. Grab the rest of your hair, including your lovely little braids, and put your hair in a a ponytail.

6. Take the ponytails off of your braids, or leave them on. It’s whatever you like!

TA-DA! A new way to spice up your ponytail! And if you’re worried about the braids falling out during the day, don’t freak! Mine stay in. But if you’re really worried about it, add some small elastic ponytails or some colorful ones. Anything you do will be cute!

Something Semi-Fancy

Here we go, the last and and semi-fancy hairstyle! This is definitely one of my favorites, especially when I’m wearing a super cute outfit, and I want to spice it up a bit. Now, the steps are:

1. This is another twisting hairstyle! So start at the top and front of your head. Again, you take a small section of your hair and begin twisting, making sure to bring in hair from the outter and middle parts of your head. You can also pin the the twists to your head to help prevent your hair from coming undone. Clip the twist to the nape of your neck when you finished, so you can start on the other side of your head.

2. Do this to the opposite side of your head as well, making sure to twist and pin your hair when needed. Continue twisting until you reach the nape of your neck, now here’s where the fun begins!

3. Take the twists and the hair left over and put your hair in a low ponytail. Place your fingers above the ponytail, closest to your head, and find the middle part of it.

4. Start separating your ponytail into two halves, making sure they are about even. Once you’ve separated them enough, flip the bottom of your ponytail through it.

5. Pull tight so that your ponytail is now fully twisted everywhere. Now, take what’s left of your ponytail and flip it up into the twist (this will look like a low bun).

6. Pin the leftover hair from your ponytail (the part that looks like a bun) into the twist at the nape of your neck (there should be a small place where you can do this.)

7. Put bobbypins anywhere you need to in order for your hair to look like an all over twist!


And there you have it, my fellow sistas with wild locks (and you straight hair girls, too!), four simple ways for you change up your everyday hairstyles! I hope this will come in handy on the days when you want to switch things up a bit!

Claire is a student at the University of Iowa studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Spanish and a Certificate in Sustainability. She is a self-proclaimed hippie and loves cacti and cats. Claire is low key (and by low key she means high key) OBSESSED with Vampire Diaries and anything vintage - specifically if it's high-waisted. Her future goals include owning a sustainable company and backpacking across Ireland. Join Claire as she brings you on her journey through the cornfields of Iowa ;)
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