The Finals Survival Guide Everyone in College Needs

Finals. It's that time of year when we all feel overwhelmed and just want it to be summer. To get through finals without losing all hope, motivation, sense of self, and the grades we want, we have to plan, prioritize, motivate, fuel up, take care of ourselves and study the way that's best for us! So where do we begin?

1. Planning

Plan, plan more and keep on planning! This doesn't mean to start planning one week before your first final. This means starting as soon as possible! I typically start planning three weeks before my first final. This first stage of planning is usually broad and only includes when all my assignments, papers and projects are due and when my final exams are. Then I break my planner down to when I will work on the larger assignments, so I have a sense of how much time I'll have to put together study material and actually study. Finally, I'll make a study schedule for the last two weeks of the semester that includes what I'll study and when I'll dedicate time to study. 

2. Prioritization

Priorities are difficult, especially at the end of the semester. We feel burnt out and just want to binge watch our favorite show on Netflix or be on social media for a ridiculous amount of time. Unfortunately, we can't do that to get through finals successfully. Put the phone away. Turn off the TV and anything else that could distract you from studying and working on final assignments. If it helps, turn on apps like Pocket Points, Forest, Cold Turkey or just set a timer. Find a way that helps you avoid multitasking and procrastinating.

3. Motivation

It's easy to lose all motivation at the end of the semester. I think I can vouch for all of us when I say we're all ready for the semester to be over. Find something that personally motivates you to finish the semester off strong. Think about how doing well on your finals will help your GPA. Think of family and friends that will be so proud of you when you finish. It can be anything as long as it keeps you motivated to keep going!

4. Fuel

Study snacks are a necessity. If you are anything like me, you'll be too busy to make a snack or go get one. Not to mention the munchies you can get while studying late into the night. Keep some easy and accessible snacks in your backpack. Healthy snacks are the best way to go so you can continue to feel great while studying but don't be too hard on yourself if you need to splurge on your favorite chip or cookie. You deserve it! Right?

5. Mental Health and Self-Care

Mental health and self-care are so important during finals season. We are all stressed and can't perform our best without taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. Taking care of my skin and hair with my Her Campus survival kit goodies is one of my favorite ways to de-stress during finals. What can you do?

6. How to Study For YOU

You have to study in a way that works for you! Do you prefer to study alone or with a friend? Can you study with music playing? If so, what kind of music? Where will you be most productive while studying? Which study methods work best for you? Flash cards, Quizlet or reviewing notes? To get the most out of your study session, study in a way that works for you!

Good luck on your finals! Everyone here at Her Campus believes in you! You got this!