Feeling Unproductive While Staying at Home

There are so many things that are changing in the world around us. In a matter of a couple days, every single person's life changed. Restaurants, malls, parks, schools, and businesses were all closed causing employees, students, and parents to be cooped up in their home all day. With nowhere to go, the idea of going stir crazy has probably been an ideal image for most. 

CoronavirusAs a student whose college went online for the rest of the semester, I found myself packing everything up and moving back home... two months early. I find online classes more difficult, not because of the content of my classes, but because I CANNOT get myself to become motivated. I feel so unproductive while being at home. When I was living on campus, I had a nice schedule I set for myself. I would get up at the same time everyday, go to classes, and schedule out when I would do my homework. 

I listened to an Influencer's story I follow and she said motivation comes from action. She explained how she woke up and had NO motivation. She wanted to stay in bed all day, and just be lazy, but she had so much on her to do list. She got up and just started on her to do list, and once she started to get moving her creativity sparked and got a lot done. I needed to hear this because I just feel so unproductive right now. The world is going through something so uncommon. Some people are saying now is the time to do so much, start new things. Others are saying now is a time to rest and release that inner lazy. I feel like people don't know how to feel. I truly think there is a silver lining to all of this. I beleive that the world is now realizing its okay to slow down and to truly take a step back and be thankful for the things we take for granted. 

A girl can only do so much schoolwork in a day no matter how much she has to do, so I have really focused on enjoying the present time and living in the moment. I have spent genuine time with my family, and we even Facetime other family members daily, which is something we would never do. Talking to relatives everyday is now something I look forward to, and has brought us all closer. I have started to really enjoy the fresh air. I have enjoyed going on walks while I listen to a podcast. Moving my body just sparks energy to get things done. I have started to do yoga every day, and let me tell you, yoga is NO joke! 

YogaDuring this time where nothing is certain and everyone must take things day by day, remember feeling unproductive is normal! Don't put so much stress on yourself, and just listen to your body. Realize that there is a meaning for everything. Try to set a schedule throughout your day so it doesn't seem to drag on, and you will become more motivated to cross things off your do to list. Know that this will pass, and just take this time to really remember to not take things for granted and enjoy every moment. Stay safe!