Falling into Good Habits

Midterm season is here! All the college girls out there know how stressful and hectic it becomes when you have a hundred assignments due, tests around the corner and all the co-curricular activities happening at the same time. To tackle these obstacles, here are some tips and tricks to survive this season of midterms:

1. Start preparing early

This seems like a very cliché tip but trust me, it is better to start preparing for those midterms early and save yourself from that extra stress. The best way to start is to divide the syllabus and make goals for each day. This makes daunting tasks seem more doable. This is when your planner would be very handy. 

Making Flashcards is a great way to remember all the important points, quizlet is an amazing online resource where one can find flashcards on almost every course!

2. Get some exercise

This may not be the most exciting tip, but it sure helps a lot. Take a break from the studying and get moving! You don’t have to run a triathlon or go beast mode in the gym. Try to get out of your dorm or apartment and get some fresh air. As the Iowa City weather might not let you do that, try running up and down the stairs. 

We can make a great use of the recreation center at the University of Iowa as all these facilities are included in our tuition fee. The University provides free classes occasionally like Zumba that is fun and exercise at the same time.


3. Work in a group

It is always better to study with people who might be taking the same exam. That way, everyone can share their notes or questions that everyone discovers. If finding people with the same courses is not working out, just try to study with your friends. Studying with your friends will help everyone stay motivated, as long as you don't distract each other.

4. Be kind to yourself

Being in college can be challenging sometimes and you can feel the pressure to get all the A’s that you can. Remember, your health and well-being are as important as the exams. There is always a chance to improve! 

Always remember, your health is much more important than grades and one grade can not decide your future!

Happy Studying!

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