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Enjoy Fall Without Leaving Your Place

Whether you live on campus still, have your own apartment or home, it is important to find ways to make your space yours. With fall in full swing, everyone is out getting spooky, but how do you do the same without leaving your own space? It feels like everyone is out in the cold picking apples and pumpkins, but you want to embrace your homey vibe and stay close to your bed. Can you still have fun and enjoy yourself without taking the time or energy to go out and take part in all the fall festivities?

How can you enjoy the season, while also enjoying the comfort of your own home, you may ask? Well, there are actually plenty of ways! Here are just five to get you started!

1. Start on the outside and go in.

What? Didn’t you just say this was a list to help for indoor enthusiasts? Well it is. Maybe you start by decorating your door, so it is more welcoming. You could make a thanksgiving wreath, or maybe decorate your door if you live in the dorms, with a white board or your name. For those living in the dorms, make leaf name tags or turkeys on your door with a welcome sign so friends on the floor know when they can reach you. For those in an apartment or house, get a leafy wreath up or hang some simple lights to make the place feel more like home. Leave a few pumpkins on your stoop to add some needed flare. This will spark your excitement for more fall fun as you do more this season!

2. Get the aromas flowing.

Nothing is more festive than a good old scent that floods your mind with warm memories of past fall days. Maybe it’s a glade plug-in (because you can’t have flammable candles in the dorms,) or maybe it’s an apple cider candle for the living room in your apartment. But whatever it may be, if your surroundings smell nice it will feel great to be in your own space.

3. Get the vibes going.

Now that you’ve covered your sense of smell, let your ears receive the sound waves they deserve and play some music! Maybe it’s a playlist of your favorite Halloween track or just a variety of artists who bring out the fall season feels in you, whatever it is, let it play. Because playing music will make your place feel like a fall home retreat in no time. A great way to do the fall season right is to make a track of your own, for instance, playing some monster mash or songs from your favorite Halloween movie will put you in the spirit, and if you make it on Spotify you can share it with friends. 

4. Get crafty!

Maybe you paint pumpkins (if you want to avoid spilling on your carpet, make sure to lay newspaper down first,) or maybe you decorate with spooky décor, like black cat pictures on your walls or fake spider webs by your windows. Whatever it is, do something special for you. It could even be food. Maybe you make cupcakes and use orange frosting. Add a special touch like that to get the place feeling like fall. And if you live in the dorms and food making is difficult, buy Halloween treats to keep at your place. Leave a jar out in your room like you’re ready for trick or treaters, and it will feel much more like a fall-ready home.

5. Have fun!

Of course, the best way to have your home feel fall-ready is to make it fun for yourself. You could have a small get together and have a Halloweentown marathon, or maybe you could host a costume party or a murder mystery game night. If you surround yourself with others, you don’t have to go anywhere, and you also won’t feel left out of the outdoor activities, so it is a win-win! Have fun with it and just enjoy this time of the year!  

So, if you feel left out of the pumpkin picking outdoors, or you simply want to avoid the outdoors altogether, fear no more because you can still enjoy a fall festive season! Decorate inside and out, with good scents and music. Make crafts and eat yummy food host a night in and you will be having a great fall in no time! If you’re a homebody who wants to make their place feel fall ready, keep in mind that it is possible. 

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