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Eating Healthy in the Summer Months

Now that summer has begun and finals are said and done, it is time to live it up! During finals week we were supplied with wonderful snacks that carried us through the week and will continue during the summer months. There is a plethora of food options in the summer but making a healthy choice can be difficult at times. Here are a few options.


The perfect “fast food” without all of the unhealthy junk, you can get a good meal at Chipotle in the same amount of time it takes to get through McDonald’s drive through.


“Not fried, not baked, but popped,” these wonderful creations were a great alternative to binge chip-eating. They were light, crisp and a much better option than fried potato chips.

Luna Bars

These protein-packed snack bars were a quick and easy breakfast or a pre- exam snack. In tasty flavors such as white chocolate macadamia and s’more it cured our sweet tooth and kept us away from the cookies.As you continue you on enjoying your summer, do not forget about these wonderful options. They are awesome choice while you are on break from your internship or relaxing on the beach. Have a great summer and stay healthy!

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