Don't Feel Bummed If You Don't Have Plans For The Summer

These days you can’t go on Facebook without seeing at least one post about someone’s cool new internship or job or study abroad trip for the summer. It’s nice to see that we have friends who are succeeding and doing such cool things, but some of us don’t have the same kind of plans.

It can be hard when someone asks you what you’re doing for summer and you say, “Oh, I’m just going home,” or “Staying at school, taking a class or two.” Those things might seem boring when others are traveling the world or starting work that falls into what they want to pursue. If you don’t intend to do something this summer that somehow furthers your career path or is some big event, that's okay.

This can be great for so many reasons! Summers will only last for so long. Soon enough you’ll be working all-year-round. So take the time to road trip to a beach or campsite with all of your besties. Devote your time to doing something you really love, like writing short stories or making playlists. Simply relax. It is much deserved after a long, challenging school year.

And it is never too late to make plans! In the same vein of taking a road trip, you can always make fun plans for the summer last minute. Things like hosting a luau, having a craft night or trying summer drink recipes are great options. Check out local concerts for something cheap and fun to do. At the simplest level, frequent your local ice cream shop and try as many flavors as you can. There are endless possibilities, and they don't have to be huge!

If you’re really concerned about not having the kind of plans that will look good on your resume, create some of your own work! If you want to pursue marketing, contact local businesses to see if you might be able to create or upkeep their social media for the summer. If you want to pursue something in the medical field, volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. If you want to be a writer, simply write! A plan-less summer does not have to remain one. Get creative! But all the same, allow yourself to take some time off. That's what summer is about after all!