David Visin Steps Down After Involvement in a Hit and Run

The University of Iowa’s Interim Director of Public Safety, David Visin, steps down after being accused of interfering in an investigation on his step-son’s involvement with a hit-and-run car accident.

The first announcement was made one week after the first report that David Visin refused to respond to requests from a Johnon County Deputy to stop his vehicle while driving his stepson, Sean Crane. Crane was involved in a hit-and-run car crash on June 25, 2015.

Deputies suspected that Crane, on June 25, crashed his truck into two cars in a parking lot outside the Eagle Club, where Visin told investigators he had met Crane earlier that day, according to documents described by the Associated Press.

Witnesses reported the hit-and-run and, connecting Crane’s truck to the crash, deputies visited his home that night — just as Visin and Crane left in Visin’s truck, according to the AP report.

When Deputy Brad Kunkel reached Visin by phone minutes later and asked him to pull over, Visin refused and instead dropped Crane off at a gas station and left before officers arrived.

During his phone conversation with Kunkel, Visin said he needed to get home to drop off a trailer. Visin, in a later conversation with an AP reporter, blamed his actions on diabetes, which he said he was hiding to avoid discrimination.

Officers later arrested Crane on a drunken driving count, and Kunkel told superiors he believed Visin interfered with his investigation and lied.

Soon after the incident of Visin’s refusal, reports were released that the officer, Deputy Brad Kunkel, believed that Visin had interfered and lied during the investigation of his stepson’s accident.

Although charges could not be filed against Visin because there was no probable cause, Visin stepped down after more than a year serving as the Interim Director. Before Visin was promoted to Interim Director, he served as Associate Director. Visin has again began his position as Associate Director.

With the new vacancy of Director of Public Safety, the University of Iowa is on a national search for a new Director for the university.


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