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The Countdown to Spring Break- Swimsuit Needed

Exactly 15 days left until spring break, which means midterms and snow left behind for hours of sun bathing. Sounds like bliss, right? Well there is a few key elements you need before you jet off to PCB,  sunscreen, beach towel, and the quintessential attire for Spring break activities- a swimsuit. We know swimsuit shopping is daunting there are so many options but our friend at Orchid Boutique have just made this job a lot easier and a bit more affordable by giving HC-UIowa a 15% off discount code (yes you read it correctly). Here is a little guide to the latest trends in swimwear

The High-Waisted Suit

Retro swimsuit has made a come-back bustier tops and high waited bottoms. If you wanted to make your beach debut in pin-up fashion the high-waisted suit is your fit. This style is flattering to a variety of body types. The top tops with the underwire provide extra support for busty girls and flatters curves. This is my personal favorite style I love the vintage flair.

The Monokini

Can’t decide between the two pieces and the one piece? Get the best of both worlds with a monokini! You have more coverage in the front and the full advantage of a bikini with the tie in the back. There is  a host of cool patterns to compliment the fit.

The Fringe and Flutter Bikini

No one said it better than our staff writer Adrian “fringe add a fun and cute edge.” There is only so many colors and pattern a traditional bikini can have adding a hint of flair such as fringes or flutter gives you a whole new look. We find that this suit compliment pear and boy shapes because it balances out your figure.

Now its time to go shopping stop by Orchid Boutique and start shopping! Don't forget that 15% discount code UofIowaBreak

photos- Orchid Boutique




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