College Student Budget: Holiday Gifts Edition

As many of us know, the college life is stressful espeically with jobs, college loans and student debt, so we often times find ourselves on a tight budget. I personally find it difficult to get gifts for special people in our lives without spending a crazy amount of money. Here are some holiday gift ideas you can give people that are affordable and meaningful. 

1. Scrunchie 

2. Tile (for the friends that always lose their things) 

3. Fill a reusable water bottle with nail polish, gift cards, and candy

4. Framed pictures 

5. Handwritten note 

6. Outdoor Winter Set (Hat, Scarf, and Gloves) 

American Eagle (Example) 

7. Homemade Cookies/Cake

8. Pajama Set from VS  

9. Gift Cards 

10. College Gear (Clothes) 

11. Selfie Light 

12. Phone Case (Amazon) 

13. Essential Oils 

14. Book

15. Money for gas, groceries, etc. It may not be the most exciting thing to open, but college students will gladly accept any gift that means they don't have to spend their own money on the essentials. 

With these gift ideas, showing your loved ones you appreciate them doesn't have to mean breaking the bank! Now the real challenge is not waiting until the last minute to do all your shopping after getting wrapped up in finals season!