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Chrome vs. Firefox?

So last semester I ditched old Firefox for the snazzy new mac version of the popular google chrome, since I everything else Google does is the cats pajamas in my mind (and everyone else’s).

But after all these months, and the release of Firefox 4, I made up my mind: Chrome blows.

I know someone with more computer knowledge might love to argue my criticism of the popular browser, but the truth is, I don’t care. I like what I like in a browser for what I use the Internet for.

For those who like to get technical, I did some real research, and came across this article , which compared some of the popular browsers. And there are some areas in which Firefox definitely takes the cake when compared to the latest version of Chrome:

-Firefox loads quicker, when you first start your browser up.
-Firefox eats up the least amount of memory when using your internet.

But I will admit that when it comes to a browser’s security against hackers, however, Firefox and Chrome have been said to be of equality. So everyone wins in that department.

This refusal to adopt this new ‘technology’ is based on the mindset of stubborn old man, i realize, but hear me out.

My biggest annoyance with Chrome is also it’s biggest selling point: the simplistic and uncluttered design.

I missed my 3 toolbars which reminded me to visit blogs obsessively. I love my cheesy cat theme on Firefox’s windows. And I guess it really came down to being comfortable with what I already knew.

But the real question is, what’s your favorite browser? Chrome, Firefox, Safari? or dare I mention the old and forgotten Internet Explorer?!

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