Christmas Gifts To Get The Men In Your Life

We all know how hard it can be to find that perfect gift for someone you love and/or care about, but this year I have learned truly how hard it is to find that special something for a special someone you are hoping to impress. This is the first holiday where my boyfriend and I have been together, and although I know him super well, it was still a struggle to find the perfect gift for him. If the men in your life are anything like the men in mine, they're very simple people who often want nothing more from you other than a crisp high-five or your time. Still, though, you want to get them something.

Throughout my hunt, I ended up consulting his best friends and even his sister for inspiration or confirmation that my ideas were actually good and something he would enjoy. Thankfully, with the help of them and of course Google, I found the perfect gifts for him. To save you all the trouble I had to go through, here are some gift ideas/ websites to browse through if you're having trouble shopping for any important man in your life, and Justin if you're reading, no I didn't get you any of these so there are no spoilers here! 


  1. 1. Anything From 

    Honestly, if Justin didn't already own pretty much this entire website, I would've bought him just that. Believe it or not, men can also LOVE self-care. Duke Cannon has everything from soap and shampoo to cologne and trust me when I say that when you balance price, quantity, and quality, you can't go wrong. One 10 ounce bar of soap (3 times the size of "normal" soap) is typically $9.00 and the "Big Ass Soap on a Rope" pictured above is usually $12.00, but currently on sale for $9.50. 

  2. 2. Beer Steins 

    For the beer lover in your life, simply find out which beer is their favorite, then go onto a website that sells vintage items such as Etsy and search for a vintage beer stein for said beer. A beer stein is basically just a large, traditional beer mug. This is generally a lower cost gift that is still both thoughtful and useful.  

  3. 3. Anything From

    If I'm being honest, I did consider getting a few different items on this website for various men in my life. There's such a wide variety of goodies/ DIY crates and everything shown is of amazing quality. This one is a little on the pricier side, but if you need to buy for someone who particularly loves whiskey or jerky, this website has a lot of options for you!  

  4. 4. Clothes

    Okay, I know this one sounds lame, but hear me out: You can never go wrong with specific brands you know they love. Whether it is a common clothing retailer or merchandise of someone/something they admire, this is a gift that is useful and thoughtful (if executed properly). 

  5. 5. An Entire Day Dedicated To Doing Things He Loves 

    If all else fails, show him how much you care with a whole day dedicated to doing things you know he loves. This could look something like as follows: Favorite breakfast in the morning, followed by an activity, lunch, followed by another activity, and then dinner at his favorite spot. The activities can be things you both love doing together or things you know he sacrifices doing with you because you don't enjoy it as much. This is a great way to show him you care and want to be a part of what he enjoys and want to learn about what he is interested in. Just remember to treat him, as it's his gift. 

No matter what you decide to gift to the man in your life, just know that if it comes from a place of thought, care, and love, they will always appreciate it.