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Campus Cutie: Mr. Alpha Chi Omega

Meet the hilariously adorable and recently crowned Mr. Alpha Chi Omega, Thomas “Tommy” Lau, this week’s campus cutie!

What year are you in? Sophomore

What’s your major? Business analytics and economics

Where are you from? West Des Moines, Iowa

What is your current relationship status? Currently single (ready to mingle!)

What is your favorite part about going to the University of Iowa? Honestly, the people. I have met some of the best people that have led me to having some of the best times of my life!

I know you’re a big supporter of Greek life, are you in a fraternity? I am in Sigma nu!

What is your favorite part about being in a frat? The brotherhood, DUH.

What you look for in a girl? I like a funny and smart lady that is willing to eat Panda Express with me at any time.

Your dream job after you graduate? I want to be a business analyst for a record label. I love music and have a huge old-fashioned record collection that I like to just sit back and listen too.

What is your ideal date? Going to sushi and then a concert…also, ending the night with ice cream. What’s better then starting and ending a date with food?

What is one thing that people would not normally know about you? I love to cook, it’s pretty fun. Food is life, so I love to cook for others and myself.

You recently won Mr. Alpha Chi Omega, what was that experience like for you? It was really great to do something for a good cause and the people I got to meet were great. Plus, I got a sash… I’ve never gotten one of those before.

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