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Campus Celebrity – Emily Keane

Meet this week’s campus celeb, Emily Keane! Emily is a sophomore at the University of Iowa pursuing her dream career in nursing. Between being a member of the sorority Alpha Phi, prepping for nursing school and studying for classes, Emily still makes time to hang out with friends and really enjoys the college experience that she has been having so far! 

“I have met so many wonderful people. Iowa is a beautiful school and a perfect example of a college town. With all Iowa has to offer, it makes getting involved simple and easy to become the person you want to be!”

Emily is very involved in her sorority, in which she takes an active part in raising money for the Alpha Phi Foundation that supports women’s heart health. They have recently held an event known as the Pancake Breakfast, where they raised over $6,000 for their foundation. Her sorority also holds a Red Dress Gala every spring that also raises money for the same cause. Emily always tries her best to make it to other sorority and fraternity philanthropies to support their foundations as well.

“It’s hard to understand what being in a sorority means until you are actually in one. Individually unique women come together to become one big family, like a home away from home. It’s nice to have a family to go home to, especially being at a big school like Iowa.”


In addition to all the philanthropies and activities she is involved in for her sorority, Emily also gets involved in many activities for the university such as her participation in many of this year’s homecoming activities. She donated blood and also volunteered at the President’s Block Party to help welcome incoming freshman. Along with all the rest of these activitie, Emily participated in Dance Marathon, which is a 24-hour dance party that raises money for children fighting cancer. She also plans on volunteering at the university hospital next year to gain experience for her nursing career. 

Even with all of these activities added to her experience, Emily has impressive time management skills and is still able to spend a lot of time studying and preparing for her application to the College of Nursing in the spring. The University of Iowa College of Nursing is known for it’s rigorous selection process for prospective students. Several of the college’s programs are ranked among the nation’s very best. Only 64 students out of hundreds that apply are admitted to the school every year, and Emily hopes to be one of them! 

With all of her accomplishments and experiences made here at the university, Emily has the very much deserved title as this week’s campus celebrity!




Nicky Diaz Student at the University of Iowa Communications major, Human Relations minor
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