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A Brief Moment with Jess Romero


1) Tell me a bit about yourself, your major and why you choose University of Iowa. 

I’m a human obsessed with music, art and creative writing. I’m an English major and I chose UIOWA because it’s the best place to be for a budding poet. The undergraduate creative writing program here is one of the best in the country!

2) Describe your fashion sense. Do you feel you express youself through it?

How does it mark who you are? Retro Goodwill swag, mixed with 70’s prints, bohemian skirts, and bold colors. I would say I am expressing myself. I love art so anything thing with striking colors, intricate patterns, and cool images draws me in.

3) Tell me about your dreads. 

I started dreading my hair this past January. I’ve always liked how dreads look and when I was in high school I thought about getting them, but was worried about drawing attention to myself and receiving negative reactions. Fortunately, I’ve come to just accept the fact that there will be people who will automatically judge my character based on my hair- which is stupid- but I don’t want ignorant, closed minded people in my life anyways. Oh, and yes I wash them. 

4) What's your favorite place on campus?

Basically anywhere along the river if it’s a nice, sunny day. 

5) Describe your perfect date. 

Spontaneous escape with no destination. Gotta be adventurous, man.

6) What is some advice you would give to freshman girls just starting out about school, social life, life, etc? 

Come with an open mind. Meet as many different kinds of people as you can, try doing something you never have before, and by doing that you’ll be able to find what and who really makes you happy.

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