Best Valentine's Movies for a Night In

Don’t feel like going out this Valentine’s Day, maybe you want to stay home with your boo (or without one, which is okay too!) and watch some movies. If you and your boo are anything like me and mine, there’s never a movie you both want to watch, or you might just be picky like me, but no worries, I watched some perfect valentine’s movies for you, and sorted them by categories; some may overlap. 

Felicity Warner / HCM

If you’re feeling nostalgic: 

  • A Walk to Remember 

  • My Best Friend’s Wedding 

  • 50 First Dates 

  • 17 again 

  • Pretty in Pink  

  • Sixteen Candles 

  • Grease 

  • Geek Charming 

  • Tangled

  • Runaway Bride

  • Dirty Dancing 

  • A Cinderella Story

  • The Wedding Planner 


If you want to cry: 

  • Dear John 

  • The Notebook 

  • 17 again 

  • The Last Song 

  • The Last Ride

person holding a remote control pointed at TV streaming netflix Photo by freestocks from Unsplash

Feel Good movies: 

  • Grease 

  • Geek Charming 

  • Bride Wars 

  • Sixteen Candles 

  • Hitch 

  • Love, Simon 

  • Just Married

  • The Princess Diaries 

  • The Parent Trap 


For Singles: 

  • Tangled 

  • Wall-E 

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall 

  • Instant family 

  • Legally blonde 

  • Magic Mike: XXL

Whether your alone or with your better half on Valentine's Day, these are all good movies to evoke some type of emotion. So go make your popcon, grab some candy, and a comfy blanket, and enjoy!