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The Best Makeup YouTube Channels For Each Skin Type

Beginning makeup can be overwhelming. If you want to begin makeup and don’t know where to start then don’t worry because I, too, have been lost in the crazy world of makeup. And if you have been doing makeup and just never knew the meaning behind some descriptions on foundations like Normal to Dry foundation, for example, I’ve found you help for that. Starting makeup is not something you can jump into without some preparation. I would not suggest doing this unless you want to have all of your makeup slide/ flake off of your face. I am guilty of this! 

When I started doing makeup, my foundation made me look like a honey bun, and in high school, a big makeup problem that I had was making sure that my foundation lasted all day. Having been a beginner with my makeup, I didn’t know that you had to choose foundations for your particular skin type. There are many because everyone’s skin is different but to narrow it down there are Normal to Dry, Dry, Oily and Combination skin types. My skin type is oily, so I can’t use foundations that are dewy or have oils in them because then I will look like a greasy hot dog 2-3 hours after I apply my makeup. My friend Katherine, on the other hand, who has dry skin would love a foundation that has oils to hydrate her skin because foundations that suit my skin type would crust and cake up on the dry patches on her face. My roommate Kierra’s skin is Combination, which means that her skin can be dry and oily in many random spots on her face. Many people will have their T-Zone very oily, and then their cheeks are covered in dry skin. 

Still, need some more information to seal the deal on what skin type you may be? Have no fear, I am here, and I’m going to give you the best YouTubers, in my opinion, for each skin type. Below are some amazingly talented YouTuber’s whose channels give you tips for challenges you may have regarding your skin type and what foundations you should purchase. Not to mention any struggles they have regarding their skin type that you can relate to and how to fix them. Don’t hesitate to check out the other talented YouTubers that may not have your skin type. They are all exceptional individuals to take a break and watch! 

Kathleen Lights: Normal to Dry Skin

Kathleen is a 25-year-old humble dog-lover who loves everything makeup. Her channel is full of looks that are affordable, which is perfect for college students.

Jaclyn Hill: Dry Skin

Jacyln Hill is a professional makeup artist that is young and ambitious. She posts makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on various theme and trends that are going on! She has extremely dry skin, so if you have issues like patchy or uneven skin, her channel is the one for you to watch!

Nicole Guerriero: Oily Skin

Nicole is a Jersey girl who, like me, struggles with oily skin. Her channel is covered in fun Halloween and out-of-the-box looks, no matter what the time of year it is. Nicole doesn’t color inside the lines, and her channel is evidence of that.

Jackie Aina: Combination Skin

On Jackie’s channel, she talks about skin care and the best brands of foundation not only for combination skin but other skin types as well. When it comes to makeup products, she especially talks about making them more inclusive especifically for Women of Color.

All of these gifted women started from the bottom of YouTube and rose to the top. They all had the same problems and questions we have regarding different skin types. When it came to their makeup, they took it upon themselves to get answers and learn new information so that they could help us. I started off using makeup without the support of YouTube and then discovered it later on in my makeup career. Now that we have a great source of information like YouTube, take some time to go to these lovely ladies channels and learn more about your skin type to further your makeup experience.

I am Emon Collazo a Junior here at the Univeristy of Iowa studying Health and Human Physiology with a Health Promotion tract. I would like to say that I am always studying but honestly I am probably doing my makeup.
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