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The Best Deals For College Students In Iowa City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.

Transitioning to life in Iowa City isn’t an inexpensive process, especially for college students. We’re paying our tuition, rent for an apartment, food, textbooks and the most expensive of all: parking (thank you, Iowa City parking, for emptying a year’s worth collection of quarters within two months). Here at the University of Iowa, we seek out deals like it’s our job—and there are plenty to go around. I’ve rounded up a list of the best deals I could find in Iowa City for college students (which mostly consists of restaurants—we obviously can’t pass up good, cheap food).

1. Join Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.)

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow is an organization where “members pay an annual $25 membership fee to receive exclusive benefits, invitations to events, philanthropic opportunities, and much more.” Through STAT, students can access exclusive discounts at businesses around Iowa City, including Aspen Leaf Frozen Yogurt, Takanami and Revival clothing.

2.  Tuesday/Thursday deals at Formosa

If you’re a sushi enthusiast, then pay close attention. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at Formosa, a popular sushi restaurant located on the Ped Mall across from the Iowa City Public Library, you can get sushi rolls for only $3. Yes, it’s amazing.

3. Deals on Deals @ Chipotle

Because who doesn’t love a good burrito with free stuff included? Students, listen up. If you bring your student ID to Chipotle, you can get a free drink. Are you a vegetarian? Guacamole is FREE when you don’t add meat to your order (in this case, guac is definitely not extra).

4. Thursdays at Buffalo Wild Wings

A favorite for all college students, Buffalo Wild Wings offers $0.60 boneless wings on Thursdays. That’s right. What once was an extremely delicious but expensive basket of wings is now totally attainable to us students drowning in debt.

5. Fro-Yo After Class

Show up to Yotopia from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Fridays (after class or not) with your student ID and get 15% off of your frozen yogurt! I know, this is incredibly important news to me, too.

6. Greek Discount Program

If you’re a member of a fraternity or sorority, you are in for a load of discounts. With the Greek Discount Program, you can get discounts at local places around town, such as Tailgate Clothing, Yotopia, Formosa, Underground Printing, etc. Who knew being in Greek life got you local deals?

Happy saving, collegiettes!

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