The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

Growing up as the only daughter in my family (and the youngest of three), I was entirely the daddy's girl that is so prominent in teenage drama films. I spent a lot of time with my dad, whether that meant in the shop learning how to change the oil in a vehicle, watching movies long into the night or in-between softball games every weekend. Throughout the entirety of my life, my father has been saying a few of the same sentences, except now that I'm no longer the little girl running around the house, they're starting to make sense. His words are turning into advice (even though they used to sometimes be a slight annoyance), and the meaning to each thing he had to say is becoming more important. 

1. "Watch the weather."

I only started getting this one once I could drive, which was only a few years ago. Any second that I was out and about whether that be with friends, boyfriends, family, or even myself, if there was any chance that the weather around town was going to be the slightest bit not perfect, I was informed to pay close attention. Not only have I gotten to know the best weather sites and apps, but I have also gotten used to checking them before heading outside because leaving without enough layers is never ideal. 

2. "Never set your drink down." 

Moving to a bigger university, this one became a big deal. This one may be the best one that I've gotten in the most recent months. Nowadays, being a woman in a college town is incredibly terrifying, and hearing this throughout the year has reminded me of the things that can go wrong when it comes to being a young woman in college. "Never have I ever" left a drink to go to the bathroom, taken a drink that I didn't see being poured, or leave a drink out in the open, due to the horrifying stories that come out of college towns. I'm thanking dad majorly on this one 

3. "Do what is best for you." 

No lie, this one mostly came when there was a boy involved, but without hearing this I wouldn't understand the importance of my own self-worth. I have been hearing this one since the day I broke up with my first boyfriend, and it has only become incredibly important recently. This single sentence has a huge influence on me because, like most young women, the feelings of others seem to have a larger importance than our own. This shouldn't be the case, and without my dad constantly reminding me, I'm not sure what I would be thinking or doing at this point in time. 

4. "Know your worth." 

Again, this didn't become important until my first boyfriend, but ever since then, I have been reminded through each relationship that I pass through. This may be my favorite quote, considering any time that it becomes relevant is when I am questioning my worth in someone's eyes. With this reminder that comes from my dad, I refuse to believe that I am worth anything less than what I know I am. 

5. "Let people know when you're going places." 

Whether walking across campus back to my room or hiking around downtown Chicago at Lollapalooza, the notion to always share my location with certain individuals have consistently been important. Leaving for college, I was reminded to share my iPhone location, in the case that something were to go wrong. Since the day I moved in, I have shared my location with eight of my closest friends to continuously be safe when living in a different city. 

6. "Stand up for yourself." 

The first time I heard this one was when I was still in high school. A teacher, a classmate, a coworker, or generally whoever could tell me anything they wanted to say. However, I heard this the most when it came to friends and teachers throughout my high school career. Not only is it important to hold yourself accountable for certain actions, but standing up for yourself when the situation permits it is most important. No one else can do it for you, so learning at an early age to stand up for anything you have to say is most definitely important. 

7. "Remember what you're there for."

I'd say this is my favorite, but it's more the one I hear the most. Not even just myself, because my brothers hear it every time we're home on a break as well. As much as I'd like to say that this becomes incredibly annoying when it is repeated almost every day, it's not. It's one of the best reminders that I get when it comes to college and my future and it's practically engraved in my brain by now (which is a good thing). 

No matter what, a father figure has an incredible influence on the young women that grow up in this century, and I've been thankful every day for mine. The advice that I receive every day are things that I will remember for a lifetime. Don't forget to listen to your parents because they may have something important to say. 


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