'Be Our Guest' & See 'Beauty and the Beast'

Three words: Oh. My. Goodness. *crying*  

I’m a massive Disney fan, and growing up with the movies I’ve watched almost all of them. So you can understand when I say that I was a little hesitant when I found out that a live version of Beauty and the Beast was in the making. Would I be impressed or disappointed with the remake? Would it be as great as the original movie? Well, I never should have doubted Disney because once again, they have created magic! Beauty and the Beast was everything I imagined it to be, and I didn’t find a single flaw.

Emma Watson turned out to be the perfect Belle. I couldn’t imagine anyone taking her place. Her voice gave Belle that perfect mix of innocence and passion, and I’m so glad she kept it sweet and simple. The best thing I liked about Belle’s character in the remake is that she’s innovative and wants to help people. (Perfect reflection of Emma Watson herself, isn’t it?)

Dan Stevens as the Beast/Prince was another great choice. His song "Evermore," which is a new addition to the soundtrack, has been an obsession of mine. (I now sing along to that song with dramatic hand gestures.) The rest of the cast was just as great. Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor and the rest of the castle staff who turned into furniture after the curse did an excellent job at recreating the animated versions of themselves. I especially loved it when Mrs. Potts, who is voiced by Emma Thompson, sang the iconic song "Beauty and the Beast" during the dance.

I also loved how they managed to include stories of Belle and the Beast’s pasts. It was beautifully done, and the song "Days in the Sun" was full of emotion and longing. These snippets really helped their characters grow and develop further, and that was what I loved most about it.

But for me, Gaston and LeFou, our antagonists, stole the show. It’s great how they were nothing short of perfect for their roles, not forgetting to mention that they were the funniest characters (until Gaston turns evil.) My favorite song in the entire movie has to be "Gaston" just because it’s a fun, catchy song to sing to, and Josh Gad gets a chance to show off his incredible vocals. I absolutely loved those two!

The songs were great with a few extra songs added, so that was a little treat because they were composed by Alan Menken himself, who composed the original soundtrack of the animated version of Beauty and the Beast. What else can you expect other than greatness?

Overall, I cannot fully explain how lovely this movie was. It made me laugh, and I was in tears, which is me everytime I watch the animated version, so it has a star next to it in my books. You need to check Beauty and the Beast out. It’s full of humor, energy and pure love. No doubt you’ll be listening to the soundtrack weeks after you’ve watched the movie. I know I am!