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Bad Habits to Kick for the New Year

As the new year approaches, we often reflect on everything that has happened throughout the past year. While we remember the highlights of the past year, we also tend to reflect on some of the bad habits we started and want to change. Here are some of the most common habits you should change for the better in the New Year. 

Poor Eating

If you are anything like me, the end of the year often consists of going to multiple holiday dinners that include not the healthiest of options. It’s okay to splurge during this time of year, but if you can’t resist the temptation of devouring all the holiday goodies, get yourself back on track when the new year begins.  

Neglecting Your Workout Routine

Admittedly, I neglect my workout routine year-round, but more so when finals are right around the corner. It is easy to get caught up in everything you have to do and prioritize studying over the gym. Just remember a good workout makes for an amazing stress reliever, but if you still can’t find the time during this hectic time of year, get back into your routine in January.

Lack of Sleep

I always have a sleep schedule at the beginning of each new semester. As the semester goes on, I tend to ignore it and sacrifice a good night’s sleep to finish assignments I procrastinated on. Use winter break to get back on track, so you can start the year well-rested. Getting this habit kicked could mean having a more restful 2020. 

Stressing Out

Neglecting self-care often happens to the best of us. This can leave you stressed out and frustrated. Find something attainable that you can do to take care of yourself to reduce your overall stress for 2020. Schedule time to focus on you and not worry about taking care of others and work. 


I am horrible at putting off homework and other commitments until the last minute. This often leaves me stressed and having to sacrifice my sleep and my me time. Get away from all of your distractions and just get whatever you need to be done finished before you’re rushing to get it turned in one minute before it’s due.

Before the clock strikes midnight on January 1, make a few resolutions to kick any of your bad habits to the curb to set yourself up for an amazing year!

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Zoey is a third-year student studying English and Creative Writing and Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Iowa. When she is not running social media for patchwork lit mag or editing Her Campus Iowa articles, you can often find her curled up with a glass of wine watching cheesy reality television.
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